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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Thank you Randy.  I was suspicious between the vague memories I had from the post I had red here and the fact that they offered a real nice fee.  I went through a lot with Evaluation on line to put myself through the same again.  Thanks Randy.  Will not get my work for free.

I've not had any orders for Market to Market but have seen posts saying they don't pay.

Thank you Lavina. 

I stopped working for Mark to Market last year, they are very slow to pay.  I think they are also MSI if I am not mistaken, I don't take any orders from them either.

Lavina, some other bpo companies have gone the same route. As their bpo business slows down or dries up they try to get a few extra bucks out of us agents by claiming that we now need to take training courses.

They aren't going to get it from me. They can find another agent that is willing to pay for business, I'm not.

After 7 or 8 years doing BPO's SAM is requesting $50 from me for signing up under their program, taking a test and having to pass 20 out orf 25 questions.  What do you all think of this.  Just when my heating bills are astronomical from this awful winter, they want $50 from me which at this time is a hardship.  What should I do?

I got the notice too and decided they can find someone else to do their BPO's of the certification is going to be required.

What's funny is Clear Capital wanted for the background check or you wouldn't get some BPOs and I waited and still got BPO's but finally relented and sent it and don't seem to be getting any more than before so this SAM money seems ludicrous even though they do send me some BPOs some are gone before I can even get there, so what good is that certification going to do me?  I don't know if I will AND they have a date deadline of the 11th of March, not much notice to come up with the money.

I certainly do not plan to pay for it. It is getting quite ridiculous. We got in this Business and Career to make money, not constantly be giving it away to The Board, Mls, Designations, Associations, Advertising, Broker, Franchise Fee's ETC>>>>

So they pay you a minimal fee, than expect you to pay them. Its like RES.NET taking away there cheaper memberships and only leaving the most expensive one which is way over than 500.00, 

It seems to me after reevaluating the bpo/reo business for the last 2 years that more f us have been cheated out of money than have been paid and when we do get paid it is well below minimum wage.  With us trying to collect unpaid reimbursements, having to pay for bpo platforms, bpo kickback fees, membership fees in non existent forums for gaining work, background checks, training fees,  certificatin fees, & more.  It does not pay to be in the bpo/reo business anymore.  Most of the asset managers have no idea how to do their jobs or how to treat their realtors. 

Today I got an email from  Asset Management Consulting Firm, LLC. stating that they help with bpo orders and REO assignments, their owner is a fomer asset manager & his mother worked for Citi.  I replied asking for their pricing.  It seems as if everyone has a gimmick/scheme to get money out of us.   Once I find out more about this company I will post again.

It is pretty frustrating with all the fees and low pay these BPO companies are trying to pass off on us. Without us they would have no business.  Who else are they going to find to run around all over this country and have the skill to place an accurate value on their asset.  There is to much BS in the BPO business for my liking.  I started doing BPO's to get REO listings and I can say after over five years of completing 1000's of BPO's not one of them ever led me to a REO listing.  That's not to say I haven't received any REO listing assignments, I have had a few but none of them came directly from completing a BPO.

With all the fees and non-paying companies it just isn't worth it anymore. There doesn't seem to be as much volume anymore and more and more agents are willing to pay the $50 here for a background check and the $75 there for the certification and the $100 there for some BS registration, all for the measly $35 dollar order that they have to drive an hour one way to get to.   There is all of that and then once you have finally completed the order a couple of days later you receive an email from some person from India saying they don't like the value you placed on the subject because they have a prior that has a different value, they will challenge your comp. selection all while treating you like your some sort of second class citizen.

 All that for a drive-by BPO that isn't really an accurate value conclusion anyway when you think about it.  How can we really provide a true value of the house unless we have seen the inside of it?  Even then it is hard to really place an accurate value on something if all the systems are not functioning, plumbing, HVAC, electrical.  Many times these systems are shut off and the home is winterized when we do interior valuations so it is assumed that these systems function.  

Anyway, it is frustrating how deep these BPO companies hands are in our pockets.


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