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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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FASInc change a fee to sign up as a vendor, is that normal? I am in Northern Colorado and done only BPO's until now so I am interested in Asset managements companies that do REO and BPO's in my area, I ting that would increase my chances to get some REO asignments.  Any suggestions?

May 15, 2011 at 3:21pm

I wrote a letter to and sent the original to the home address of Mr. Coates on March 30, 2011. It reqested payment for my three bpo's and an agent in my office who had not been paid for 26 bpo's since 2009. Received a check for my bpo's on April 18th. Other agent has received two of the three promised payments. Also had a personal call from Mr. Coats along with six from various people claiming to be in the accounting dept. providing a variaty of explanations for delay in payment, etc. before the first check arrived.  One more check to go and then we're done with this company. Agent received third and last check in late May 2011.

Just wrote an email to Ms Parker, UTLS owes me over $3,500 from first half of 2011. I am hoping she will be able to do something or advice what to do. No one has posted any positive results regarding UTLS.

Funny, how they continue to do business handling short sales for Bank of America and doing a horrible job as well.


FYI - Here is who I emailed this morning to get payment for BPO's submitted in 2011!!,,,,, "jamie jones" a href="">>

I ended up getting a response from a Lorie Carter at and she copied these people - Melissa Rivers <>,
 Jamien Durrence <>

I was told that I will finally be paid on the unreconciled BPO's that were performed.  I'll post and let you all know once it's cashed!!

Alicia Garner

Mark Garner & Associates

Transaction Realty

Too funny.  And Evalonline called me yesterday and asked me to do another bpo.  The guy was totally shocked when I told him I couldn't accept it, because I didn't have enough time to chase down payment.

Watch out for eval and Integrated asset, Im down 1700+ from integrated for 2011

They finally paid me, and now owe me for 2 bpo's. I am paid up from November 2011. I received a check for $2400.00 and it was good...My orders slowed waaaay down though


they only keep the agents that they can screw. They owe me 3500 and after payment i was deleted out of there system.

IAS is behind again......aaagghhhh!!!!

Wonder who helped fund the purchase of the rental properties that SRP SUB LLC has been purchasing  for cash?  If you check out this website, you will notice that IAS is collecting rent payments.  This is from the "about us" tab: 

Integrated Asset Services is a leading asset management firm based in Denver, Colorado. IAS' Rental Property Division specializes in identifying single-family residential homes that meet specific investment criteria in strategically selected neighborhoods. We have developed an expertise in recognizing in-demand properties and utilizing our extensive network of service providers to inspect, rehabilitate, and renovate those units in need. We manage our rental properties so that our tenants' experience is consistent across any home in our portfolio.

With every property we touch, it is our goal to provide outstanding service. We strive to accomplish this by treating all of our tenants with respect, responding to questions in a timely way and ensuring that every aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship is clearly communicated and handled fairly from beginning to end.

Any one familiar with this?

Hi Julie,

Do you have a contact at IAS?  Thanks!  


IAS will pay after you treaten them with the BBB or repoting them to you local real estate board. They paid me then wanted me to be a preferred gold agent and do them for less money and 24hr turn around time with the promise of listings.LOL If you don't agreed then they will be finsh with you. I never got a listing and don't know anyone who has.



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