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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I don't like RRReview, I have always ended up not doing bpos for companies that have outsourcing. they abuse agents. there are so many other companies out there that pay well and on time and don't hassle agents every fifteen minutes for a report.

Try some property inspection companies. southwest, data quick and collateral intelligence. also sand castle for field visits and some exteriors.  Landsafe puts everyone on tier 4. I do know that if you have someone in Landsafe who likes you they can solicit you for additional reports. You can also increase your fee with LSI/Service Link. I do not do BPOs for less than $50 for an exterior and between $60 and $75 for an interior or more depending on location.

I do not have anyone I know at Landsafe. I have talk to a couple of people and they were hard headed and just basically said to bad. I only have about 6 or 8 reports they did not like in the last year and probably have done over 600 reports for Landsafe in 2013 that were just fine but that does not make any difference. I have only had a handful of reports this year and lately they will not even answer my emails trying to get more reports. It is funny with with the auto accept reports. Some companies say they will not give reports to someone who does auto accept and others have no problem with it. I think the BPO companies just want the reports done and they really don't care about us out here they just want the reports done

I think there is a slow down overall. I am getting more property inspections, which are now almost half of what I do. I still do a lot for Altisource or OCWEN, whatever they call themselves now. if you are willing to expand out your area of coverage, they will often call you and directly assign at a higher fee. I miss many of the autoassigns, unless they are in a rural location.  I do not like auto assigns at all.

I tried to do Altisource but I only get them when they mail me directly as the do alot of agents at the same time. I can never get one when they just throw some up on their site as I am never fast enough. I could be on the computer an Altisource order comes up while I am sitting there,I log in in 15 seconds and the order is gone. I do not have auto accept and don't even know how to get it but I am thinking I would like to get it as I am losing alot of orders not only on Altisource but also on RRRiewiew and others.LSI has me on their "S" list cause I had 8 rejected reports over the past year and they did not like my rebuttal. Silverlink also has slowed up as they told me that I would have to do reports for $30 to get any work and I told them I can not do a report for $30 but gave them a figure higher than that but not much and I have been blocked out. Clear Capital has slowed cause they tell me I am in great standings but there are alot of agents in my area.

try expanding out your area.

Thanks Carl!  I was just about to sign up with Aim Your Way. 

RRR very good to work for, I get some time above there asking price, especially when they call me., doing an interior for $120 now, of course it further out but that's OK.

Who is the hot REO company right now outside of HUD & Freddie.

I have had some issues with RRReview and they bumped me off. Maybe management has changed. either way I am busy enough with what I have. Not sure who is hot. Hud and Freddie are not hot, brokers are complaining that their numbers are way down and I see this as the way of the future. Fannie is also down. less government backed loans. more conventional. I like Select Portfolio, Bayview, BMO Harris Bank. more conventional reo and lots of different companies.

Glad to hear it about RRR.  They called me yesterday to do an order and finish signing me up.  I put in an application back in December and they obviously now need someone in my area.  I managed to get $90 for an exterior out in a rural area; going out there today. 

try single source, altisource, Service link, you can also negotiate. I just got one in for $130 for Altisource.

I haven't done many for RRR, someone always seems to beet me to the punch for the local orders.  I have done a few of their rural orders and have been paid well.  I just did one that was about and hour and 10 minutes from my office for $150.  I felt fairly confident that I could request a higher fee because I noticed the order earlier in the week and it came back at the end of the week un-fulfilled.  I requested the $150 and got it. I also get a lot of rural work from LSI or BlackKnight and can negotiate decent fees with them.


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