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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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NO! I did work for them last year before they had their merger and I have not bee paid. I call and call and get the same answer that they dont know when they will be paying again. But I still get work request from them everyday.

I get MULTIPLE requests every day. I have turned down down a couple HUNDRED orders. They still owe me for 2013!

Has anyone heard of BPOMONKEY. they solicited me about capturing some of the bpo's that I keep missing from RRReview. I did some research and it looks like they only had their domain name for 1 month. the guy that emailed me says he is an agent. they want me to direct my email from RRR to their server, so they can capture it. anyone heard of this company? 

I do not understand why any agent would trust and forward their business to another capture business and have them end up stealing all your business.  I won't even give out the name of vendors I work with to my broker.  Business is low for agents now and you have to protect what you have.  Sorry, but not all people can be trusted and in this economy everyone is for themselves.  Therefore, you have to be smart and protect yourself if your going to survive and be able to pay your bills.  Besides any company with the name MONKEY in it, sounds like their looking for agents (aka: monkey's) to screw and not pay.

your right, I usually do research before I do anything, and when I looked up whoisbpomonkey, that is when I found out they only had that domain for about 30 days. thanks for your advice :)

Hey guys, Ive been approached by a capture company. Of course they need my passwords. Found ut they are owned by a REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Im not going to let anyone---much less a competitor---hasve my account. I asked about that and they told me it was OK, that I could change it but if changed, how could they actually capture? Anyone not being paid?  I just lucked into TWENTY bpos but now am worried about all that driving and work if they are not paying. ANyone?

absolutely do not waste your time doing bpos for them. cancel them and tell them you are not doing them. You will not be paid.

No luck there! They don't pay!

I get available BPO emails from them all the time. I actually went ahead and did 4 just to see if I would get paid. 60 days went by and I sent an invoice for payment. I got a call from some lady that left a msg stating that they pay 90 days after acceptance of the completed BPO. In June it will be over 90 days. Once they hit 120 days I will file the required small claims paperwork to get the judgement so I can place liens on the properties. Then it's going to cost them or somebody a lot more money for those BPO's. 

Marivn I was paid about 4 months later but I feel this is only becasue I kept callling them.  I would not do anymore work for them again.

Everyone needs to stand firm on me ask for more and you will get it.


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