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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Mark is ok they take forever to pay but they pay

Does anyone have any experience with Quandis Vendor Module?  I believe they are the platform SAMREO and Old Republic use for BPO's.  I just received the following email and am wondering if it is worth the $10 a month? Anyone's experience or help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Valued Agent,

We appreciate you joining the network of providers in the Quandis Vendor Module. We currently have 6 companies that utilize this network of Real Estate Agents to fulfill orders. Over the next few months this number will be increasing. All new clients automatically add Premier Members to their own network and begin using them to fulfill their orders the first day of live order placement. Basic Members are only added to their network when they experience difficulty assigning specific orders.

During the past 2 weeks there have been over 3000 order solicitations sent out. If you were not solicited for any of these orders, or were not able to accept them in time, it is possible that you missed them simply because you are a Basic Member. Another large batch of orders is expected within the next two weeks. Dont miss out! For only $10 per month you can upgrade to a Premier Membership and increase your opportunity to receive many more orders! Premier Membership includes:

  • New Order alerts via text message

  • New Order alerts via multiple email addresses

  • Include or Exclude ZIP Codes

  • Select specific coverage by City, County and State

  • Filter out Cities which you do not cover

  • Proudly display your Certifications to potential Clients

  • Inform potential Clients of your affiliations

  • Upload and track licenses, E/O Policies and W9 information

  • Built in notifications to alert you when any credentials are set to expire

  • Provide Personal and Professional References

  • Provide Web Site Information

They are a good company and pay well, as far as I am concerned, but I wouldn't pay $10 a month to get their orders, nor would I pay 50 cents to get anyone any orders. If you have to pay it isn't ordinarily worth it. They can't guarantee orders as they don't know how many they will get. They are supposed to pay, not us.

"I work for Pay! I don't pay for work"!

I agree with both you and Michael, If you have to pay for work it usually doesn't turn out to good.

SAM and Old Republic both use their own Quandis developed sites and have their own list of BPO providers. This is about the 4th time they've sent this EXACTLY WORDED solicitation to me. I would have to ask who these clients are and why they havent already found me in the past 15 years that I have been doing BPOs when every other company has "found" me.

So I take it the six companies they are referring to in the email are don't include SAM or Old Republic? I agree if they haven't found you in 15 years there is something to be weary about.

I tried the Quandis Vendor Module late last year and paid the $10 for 4 months. Got nothing out of it.
I did the same upgrade thing with DispoSolutions. Same results. With Dispo it made no difference if I upgraded or not. The BPO workload was the same.

I don't know how it is in other areas, but in mine the REO and Short Sales driven market has dropped off to almost nothing. BPOs went from 50 a week to 5 a month. And on top of that, the BPO companies just want to cut what they pay that it is not even worth doing them. So, I don't even bother doing BPOs anymore. I have focused on building my real estate business back up. Since the market has improved in my area, I have people calling and emailing me to list their properties. 

I have noticed the volume for BPO's in my area has dropped considerably, they do try to cut the fees to where it definitely isn't worth it and other agents are using auto accept to get a lot of the orders that do come.  I have made up a little of the lost volume by concentrating on the rural orders that no one else will do and charging higher fees.  

I agree with you that building the traditional real estate business back is the best course of action.

same here in No California since April. Enjoy my bpo vacation.

Got one rush job done in 24 hrs 6300sf estate.  I had nothing else but declined. The comps were have been rejected as there are almost no data within 15 miles.

same here. the companies are getting too demanding and are paying less.  I like property inspections, so easy and much less hassle.

What companies do you do inspections for, if you dont mind sharing? Im trying to expand that side of my business, Im in MD.


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