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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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off topic. this is about who pays and who doesnt. I suggest you start a separate discussion.

Anyone doing any listings for Meridian Assets out of Florida?

i've done 24 starting in aug. 2010, always call me ahead to check if i have time to accept assignment, pay promptly, and courteous. I'm in San Joaquin county, Calif.

I like Meridian and I just closed my first listing with them. They used Pyramid for their website

yes, just closed one for Meridian and I also do BPOs for them. They pay promptly for both BPOs and reo reimbursements.

I have come across several homes in our local communities within 50 miles that have signs posted by safeguard, National Home Preservation etc..etc..and others and when I walk in theses homes, I am in complete SHOCK TO SAY THE LEAST.  These are homes that have been empty for 3-4-5 years and have never been cleaned up by these companies and they even have a posted log with signatures of when they did work that was never done!  Windows that were boarded up that are now halfway off, walls with all kinds of holes in them, wires sticking out all over the place, trash everywhere and not to mention you can tell that homeless people have been in and out of them.  Maybe its possible the banks are finding out these companies are not doing the jobs they reported and stopped payments?  Which means they can not pay in turn what an agent has done for them. It really up sets me that these properties are left in these conditions and that it has an affect on the communities and homeowners trying to sell that are in need to get out before they get foreclosed on, specially in the lower income communities that are already struggling way more than other surrounding area's in their town.  THE BANKS ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS and they are hiring 3rd party vendors that don't care about it either and only want you to list properties way cheap in order to get a quick commission. When they ask me to list real cheap, I let them know they are not listing a FMV whether they like it or not and then I will not waist my time traveling back and forth checking on them and let them expire. I will always give fair market values and never compare owner occupied with REO's/short sales and never mixed them together on my BPO's.  We as agents need to put are foots down and start educating these asset managers and banks what the true values are in order to get our economy back again.  If we keep comparing apples to oranges, all were going to keep getting is more REO's and more investors in our communities with nothing more than rentals and no more real family neighborhoods.  Remember agents, in some of those communities your mother, father ,brother, sister, cousin or..or.. live and you are helping mess up their lives when you contribute to the unethical practices these vendors and banks ask of you.  STOP DOING IT!

Does anyone have payment history with Brillion Asset Solutions? 

Stephen, run away as fast as you can from them. They acquired Infinity National Asset Management a year or two back who was also a scam company. A quick online search showed there were hundreds of people complaining that they had not been paid for BPO work. The former CEO of Infinity is now in the upper management pool of Brillion and they are carrying on the scam of fleecing agents. Instead of only trying to get $300, they are trying to scam you out of almost $1,000 for training courses to become "certified" to received work from them.

If you fall for this scam, I have a bridge in Death Valley over a mythical lake that has a gold mine on the other side of it that I want to sell you.

Ha, they called me to do a commercial BPO about 18 months ago.  I chased them around for 6-7 months and when I threatened to go to the BBB, they responded and paid me. They have never called me back nor would I do another

Has anyone have experience with REO PRO. not a good feeling. they want $400 fee for listings. 

There's a whole separate discussion on REO PRO CORP.

I just started doing some BPO's for FASinc.  Thanks for reassuring me I will get paid eventually. 

Has anyone done work for LRES or Valuation Vision?  I am still waiting for payment from these companies.  Only goes back 6 weeks so I am not concerned yet. 

Thanks for your input.

Robert Farmer


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