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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I used to do work for them -they are pretty good at paying-but the last I worked for them they only paid 40 bucks, and they are nit pickers-but they pay -to my experience.


James, they are very good with their pay and they do direct deposit if you prefer. They are a little demanding in terms of details for your report, and they have a QC department that really reviews the data in depth. They do not believe in bracketing the value or using averages etc.  They want you to be realistic about a property value even if it cannot be bracketed. I really like that because there are times that bracketing makes no sense for some given properties.  They want you to really explain, and be realistic.  They ask you to upload the full MLS  listing print-out for your 6 comps. At first, I thought that was too much, but soon you get used to it. They are professional. You will get paid. Take this from someone who lost money from the Evalonline and has been very carefull about investing time and effort with companies less than reputable.

yes, but they are allegedly assigning the listing to me.  Also, their foreclosure lawyer has contacted me just to introduce himself and provide a letter and instructions on dealing with the tenants still living in the house.

I did the door knock and delivered the letter explaining tenants rights during foreclosure etc...... they were not thrilled with my visit of course.

All of that is pretty typical of what a lender or asset company asks of its agents.  So dig right in.  Just do some more searching online for information on this lender.  I never heard of Pyramid Platform in the context of being a lender or asset company. 

I've done a bit of business with a lender that uses the Pyramid Platform.  Who is the lender?  Have they given you a signed pre-listing assignment?  

First, I never represent that I can do a lien search.  I suggest kindly that they have their title company do that.  Tax bills, I'll look up online but the title company should be doing that too.  I will call the city for code violations.  If there are none on file, that is the answer I give them along with my observations.

Thanks so much for your response!

Robert - Who is the lender please?  Thanks.

They have not disclosed that information.  I do not know who the lender is at this time.

Pyramid platform,,,, never ending tasks for 2.5 % list com...

Robert, I've been using the Pyramid portal for the last couple of months for Selene Finance. I don't know if it is a proprietary portal or not but it has been easy to use. As for the lien info, etc., just send over whatever you can easily find and CYA (cover your a--) on the rest. The lien info is primarily contingent on the HOA information I believe, and you cannot acquire that until they provide the STD. My only gripe with (Selene) is that unfortunately they have the listing agent wait for reimbursement and that varies from 30 days onward. 

Thanks for the info Cristine.....very helpful.


I don't do a lot of BPO's however I did work for EMortgageLogic. However they wanted me to value their BPO requests the way they wanted to see them regardless of what the true market value was.

I had someone in Utah trying to tell me what California property was worth. They said a property was too close to the free way and should have been valued lower. The property was blocks away from the freeway and no noise or site of the freeway could be seen or heard. .

They told me to lower the value and I said no. That was the price it should be and I was not going to lie for 50 dollars. Two months later a property goes on the market slightly over what I had said and sells for 50k more. They never paid me for it.


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