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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I used to get a lot of business from them and then have not gotten anything in awhile. it is not uncommon to no longer get orders from companies or get considerably less. They may be having some issues.

Expanded Asset Management Brokers office - Looking for REALTORS (State of FL) Presence right now in Jacksonville, Broward County, Palm Beach County - expanding (BPO/Inspections/Occupancy Checks/Buyer Leads)  Commission Flexible.  

So you don't pay but are recruiting?

Add LSI to that list and Clear Capitol

Clear Capital has always been my favorite company to work for.  Lots of work and reliable with paying.  The last couple of months I have gotten almost no work from them.  As far as emortgageLogic is concerned,  I cannot login to their website.  It says my account has been disabled and I should contact my coordinator.  I don't know who my coordinator is.  I get orders from various people.  I have called and left messages but no response. Very strange. Am I paranoid?

Hi...Emortgage is very alive and my area anyway....if I ran into that problem I would email one of my past co ordinators and ask them who I would contact if they couldn't help me.....I work for very few now (my choice), Emortgage is my favorite, they are not perfect, but what one is? They do pay in a timely manner which is what I care about....I get tired of the $30-$40 offers from other companys and you have to log in to decline and ask for a higher get there and it might be already gone? I don't have time for all that...good luck to you...I'm sure it can be straightened out with very little effort...

I have tried emailing a past coordinator.  No response.  I have made more than a little effort in trying to resolve this issue.  It hasn't worked.  They do pay but considering that their forms are a nightmare, it's not enough.  Why I am locked out or disabled is still a mystery to me and will remain so until I have the time to waste on trying to resolve it.

Hi Barbara, it's me again....I contacted one of my favorite co ordinators and without saying names or anything, I asked what could you do? She gave me a main # and said they could help you?

817-581-2900......I've never been locked out except if I forget my password and try to many times, but I do know they go through spells sometimes when they find an agent who will work cheaper (that's what I think anyway), but they eventually come back to me and we go again...: ))I'll leave you alone now : )))

Thanks for your efforts.  I will call when I have a minute.  

Haven't anything from Clear capital in a long time. EML has been a problem logging into their site for awhile that I just gave up on them. When and if I could get logged in I would get a notice that there was someone else logged in. Then it requested that I change my password. Which I did and would still get the same notice that someone else was logged in. I get the occasional email from them requesting price and time frame to complete a BPO, but I just ignore EML now a days.

Broker Price Opinion does not pay.

Specialized Asset Management pays great and you can get listings.

Goodman Dean pays well too.

Goodman Dean has been really slow in their review and acceptance of completed BPO's lately. It's taken them up to a week on my last few I did for them. But I always get a check 10 days later. 


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