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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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A woman from BrokerPriceOpinion called and left a msg that they had sent out a check and it was returned. Funny thing is that my address hasn't changed in 11 years. They have owed me $160 for 3 years now and we have gone back and forth through BBB with their promises to partial pay in Oct 2014 which never happened. I also have a judgement against them under BrokerPriceOpinion, but it seems that they have changed names to FirstValuation.   

They still owe me from 5 years ago. Thanks for the update on their current name!

Hello fellow BPO agents,

Has anyone had problems getting paid from ServiceLink or Keystone?  I just noticed that I have completed several orders for ServiceLink since January and haven't been paid for any of them.  I also have unpaid orders from Keystone from December and January.

ServiceLink use to pay within 30 days and if I recall sometimes it was sooner than 30 days.  Did they switch their payment terms?

Any insight would be appreciated.  At this point I am going to have to stop completing orders from them until I get to the bottom of the slow or no pay situation.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I have been getting paid by them, are you getting paid by direct deposit?  Keystone is about 60 days out. I have noticed that for the most part I am not getting paid for anything I have done on BPO fulfillment though. Also, with Service link if you are getting paid by direct deposit you should be getting paid every two weeks.

Thanks for the reply Colleen,

I did a BPO for Keystone middle of December and haven't been paid yet, according to my records it has been closer to 90 days and the one I did in January is over 60 days.  As far as ServiceLink is concerned it has been since December since I received a check from them. They used to pay fairly quickly, I thought it was less than 30 days so the January orders should have been paid by now, I am still waiting for the check.  I have never signed up for direct deposit.

I have never completed any BPO Fullfillment orders so I have no reference, sorry.

Service Link dropped the fee. They called me asking about their internal rush job status.I responded your rush order does not translate to rush fee.  I will take my sweet time if anything it will take me longer because of harassment.

90% orders I tell them I demand better pay and told the order boy the same. He says he has no power. I told them everyone pays almost double that, My rating is still very high and there are just 5 or 6 agents covering the entire county of 2 mil residents. That company the left does not know what the right employee does.

Checking Glassdoor employee moral is way down. Fidelity bought them again. I helped them fine tune the Smart system. Thank god it is gone. Most QA is adios leaving experienced ones. 

I have not got any order from them for 3 weeks.  Keep it that way....

If you look on the service link website they have the payment schedule in pdf form that lists the pay dates for the entire year.

I did my first bpo for keystone in November of 2015 and just got paid recently after many follow ups. Just keep asking them for assistance. They pay the highest and are so nice to work with. They do give listings, plus pay you great for BPOs. My favorite client!

You're kidding right ? 7 months to pay you and you are ok with that ??

I wasn't happy about it, but the point is, I needed to follow up to get myself established in their system. Even invoices for reimbursement get lost and need to be resubmitted. So I am suggesting following up with persistence. 

Keep following up with Keystone. I don't think they mean to not pay, it just falls through the cracks. I just was paid recently on a BPO I did in November, but I had to keep following up to see what the problem was. I talked to accounting and was set up to receive payments for reimbursements for my expenses for listings separately than the BPO income which goes to my broker. 


If you didn't keep following up with them they would have conveniently forgotten about you. I guess you don't pay your bills. I can only think that you don't take real estate seriously as a business.

Two weeks back I had an issue with Summit Valuations. The first time I called I got poor customer service and was just blown off that I must be delusional and could not have done a BPO order from them. So I feared I was not going to get paid. After I hung up I double checked my information. I call Summit back and no one answered. I called several more times and ended up leaving a msg that I was going to be calling them like a bill collector until my issue was resolved with them. After calling them every 2 to 3 times a minute for about 15 minutes they answered. Got paid yesterday. The VP of Summit called me last week to get my side of what happened. The problem is in their process of switching over from Exceleras to Realty Pilot. I was apparently that "one" that fell into your so called "proverbial crack" with them, but I wasn't about to just let it go. And just so you know, I have done thousands of BPO orders with Summit Valuations over the years. 


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