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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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No REO's

you say Franklin Credit is doing you a good job?
To what extent have you worked for them. BPOs only?
Armando Cespedes
Alvin ,TX
I have a bunch of REMUSA assignments I never got paid for. I got tired of following up on payments so I started turning down their assignments and telling them why. One of the asset managers forwarded my email to the accounting dept and I got a really apologetic email from them stating that she would sent out a payment check right away. I never got that check...

Yep bad news


Just got an email from eValuations Solutions, LLC. for a BPO that has to be in by 2:00 p.m. today. It pays 50.00. Do you think its the same as

I have never signed up with them and the "LLC's" are the ones that usually stiff me. Most of the LLC's bid at the auction and snap these up and WE do all the reseach...I will check to see if this is on the list to be auction in NWK or PAS today. and leads to the same portal.

Yes it is.

Evaluations owes me over $900.00 now Im having problems with Valuation Visions

Yes v.v have quit paying everyone. They were good thru early fall and have now stopped.

I cannot fathom how all so many of these companies continued to send work and then not pay.  It's a catastrophe in the BPO industry.  Now I know why so many agents don't do them anymore.

I also have done work for VV and they are in an audit after being sold. I was told that they will start paying once the new parent company authorizes the payments. But as of yet they don't even have a department to pay any one. How can they still ask us to do work if they don't know when they can pay.

I say anything up & over $300 should be reported to the LABOR BOARD/BBB/NAR/STATE-COUNTY OFFICIALS and who ever else can get on them to pay.  Also, you should check to see if any those properties sold yet, if not you should attach a lean on them so you get paid at a closing when they finally sell.  This will probably be your only chance to get something before they are sold, after that you wont get anywhere.  But the if you also go to the banks when the properties are still listed and not sold yet, then the banks will call them to make sure you get paid because they still need BPO's done on the asset till its sold.  You have nothing to lose, because they obviously careless about you anyway and do not plan to contact you again after stiffing you.  So, be the smart one and let them know you mean business.


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