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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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First American Residential Value View (FARVV) pays every thirty days once a month. They are really easy to work with and their on line system is a breeze. They only pay $45.00 but there is not much meat to the BPO so it is Ok from a cash flow side. No REO's yet but they seem to be gearing up for some down the road with some new training on the way.

They are pleasant been working with them for over 6 years and always know I will get paid.  Now, if I could only get an REO from them from another agents BPO report on a different property that I did not report on, that would be great.

I can beat all of you with Evalonline. They've owed me since 2008! I wondered why they would agree to pay $100 for a rush interior. Now I know - they had no intention of paying. BTW, Tiffany's voice mail is full again...
I will not do any more e-valueoneline, thank you for the heads up, If you have to be spending time collecting for the work you do, it is not worth the time, I had done my first one about a month ago, and just completed 4, they are always a rush, need the orders in 2-6 hours. You drop everything for them and then have to spend time to get paid, no thank you.

Anyone done any orders for RealServ, How do they pay?
E-Valueonline actually pays more than other companies. They offer $55 for interior and sometimes will pay even more if you are the agent get it done in a snappy. The coordinators there realize their employer is not popular. I get blast msgs and calls begging for agents to take 100s of their orders lately.
So you have had no problems getting paid from them, They are having a lot of orders right now, they do have criteria, no REOs no short sales comps and 90 days on market.!!!
Evaluation Solutions owes me for 4 bpo's right now.

Tary in Austin
I can't stop laughing! Yea they got me too! e-valueoneline is the new pimp of real estate. They need some Vegas licensee. I still can't believe I feel for the trick, but I am just 2 bpos in. Never again! I am fine on doing free work. Got a family to feed! Any who First American, Core Logic/RELS, Market 2 Market Single Source Clear Capital, Titanium Inc, & FAS; They all are great companies and they all pay within 30-45 days.
Titanium pays like clockwork. Their pay is terrible, but they pay
Emortgage will pay, call them and make sure your w-9 is active, I always get checks, same with titanium and fasinc. Eval is not good with paying... still owe me money too
Has anyone ever gotten an REO listing from Eval? I just did my first BPO for them and unless I get paid I will not be doing any the call this am and needed it complete by 2 pm.
Aaron . . . it took me 9 months of constant badgering Evalonline before they paid . . . and I had to go to upper management. I put them on my Junk Mail list and would bark at the moon before I did another for them.


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