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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Has anyone heard of or worked with this company?  Asset Management Outsourcing,

Also known as back in black?

Has anyone done bpo's for this company and have you got paid? Management Outsourcing, Inc

No but I got an email just yesterday from a guy with AMO with a list of Ohio addresses asking if I could do BPOs for any of them. I replied I could do one since I was going to be in the area. I asked what fee he was offering and how extensive the form is. He replied by asking what my fee is and that the form is on the "page". He ended up assigning it to someone else. I vaguely remember getting some info or sign up info on AMO but dont remember what it was. I'm pretty sure I had some misgivings like low fees or that they were predominately in a different field like inspections and were branching out to BPOs.

Form doesn't look bad at all. Exterior 60.00 close to my location was my price....its getting paid is the answer!

My deal is to do one or two if the fee is right and wait for payment before doing more. I dont think that this company has any BPO payment history. Did you google them for any other web mentions?

Cece I have done a couple orders and they are prompt.

I have done two, I have not gotten paid yet, however, they did send me a request for a W-9 twice. I will wait and see.

Anyone know anything about REOlister?

How can I collect from Broker Price Opinion? Or First valuation their new name?

Wish I knew!!  I was called Friday 11/8/2013 and told my check that was suppose to go out on the 8th was pushed out to 1/10/2014

I have been contacting them regularly for the last year and all I ever hear is the check is in the mail.  Last I heard from them they were mailing a check for $420 when they owe me $3,000.  Wish I knew a government agency we could complain to.  We need to stop these companies in their tracks.  We work hard for our money & then get cheated out of it.

you will probably have to take them to court. there are a few of these companies that in my opinion are just criminal and they should be reported.


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