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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Thank you..

I wonder just where you can report them. is not paying also known as  I was schedule for a check on the 8th but was called and told it was pushed out to 1/10/2014.  Another agent on here said he was out a LOT of money with them.

and so am I, I am owed a lot from them. I know that you can send them a certified letter and they have to respond, if they do not then you can take them to small claims court. You would be surprised how fast they pay.

I complained the their local BBB and got half of what they owed me.

They owe me almost 3K for over a year and all I hear is that the check is in the mail.  I am getting sick & tired of waiting. 


Evaluation Solutions got me for $6K, IAS for $4K and now them.  I will be filing in small claims court shortly.

Many companies pay the first week of the following month of the work you have done.

a few companies pay the first week of the second month or 30 days out.

a few companies pay weekly for the work you have done that week.

I have starting to ask the small companies for a $500 retainer to begin work for them.  Best part is I never hear back.

Which is ok as the work requested is out in the middle who knows where. 

good idea, there are some newer companies that have actually been great as far as payment, others I look at with a jaundiced eye. I will not do a lot of bpos for a company I have not worked for previously unless I know they are either reputable or I will wait for payment. if no pay or spotty payment forget it.

It's like hop on here and ask away first !

@Thomas Bohlmann And some companies don't pay at all!

I used to love LPS.  Paid every 2 weeks, lots of orders, ect.  Than they gave me an order, that was easy to find comps, ect since it was located a larger city, normally I do a ton of rural area.  Well they sent the order back, and said they had a really demanding client, and I needed to change this and that and the other.  I refused and told them to please reassign it.  About 4 months later, they dropped me stating I did not comply with that order.  Has anybody else experinced that with LPS.  I tried calling to speak to someone, sent emails, and nothing.  I even paid for the criminal background check around the same time they dropped me. :(((

Jill, LPS is not the company it used to be.  They laid off a bunch of people and it really changed. I don't work with them at all any more.

I went through the same thing.  I had been working with them for years and never turned any BPO's away to be in good standing at all times and always do my own photos.  Well about 4 months ago, I did a local BPO submitted and then they came back wanting me to do the same and I said I would stick to my original submition.  Then they again came back and said I submitted another agents photo.  I sent them back proof where that the photo actually came from which was my  android showing detailing when the file was created.  This home was situated on a corner lot that was in a very busy school area with lots of traffic and the only way you can get a decent picture was in one corner angel across the street at the school curb.  My picture probably looked similar to others but never the less it was my photo.  They turned around and said I was out of guidelines and did not comply.  So, I sent them an email saying that I thought they were dishonest and I new in the past that LPS had been under lawsuits and other investigations with their REO department procedures and never heard back.  Sometimes I think what's going on is that these representatives at LPS are getting desperate for a commission and when we don't comply with their unethical ways they simply drop us.   Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's the reason they have had to drop the REO business and have recently been outsourcing their BPO business as well.  BOFA has been one of their BIGGEST ACCOUNTS and are probably not too happy with them anymore and about ready to do away with them too as they did with RES.NET.

ditto  pain in the r&*)...


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