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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I also heard the same thing which is why I have not signed up with them

I have been working with ISGN for a few months now and I have had no problems with getting paid. I have had few returns and most orders have pd. within a couple of weeks.I don't use direct deposit but they have offered it.

Wow, amazing to hear others have had similar experience as me with LPS.  At one time, they were at the top of my favorite list for  BPO company's to work for. Since I no longer do orders for them, my BPO's picked up with other company's like Proteck, Clear Capital and Old Republic, my favorite 3.  I used to like First American or Sourcenet, but they really try to get you to do an order for cheap, and keep calling agents until they find one that will do it cheaper.  I stick to my guns and many time they end up calling with the fee I asked for.  Their "outsourcing:" is the worst.  Thanks for all the responses.

there are so many companies I have kicked to the curb, either mutually or if I ticked them off..... including clear capital and first American, with that said I am still extremely busy with bpos, although I have noticed it has been slower lately.

I have never dealt with or heard of Protek, however I do a lot of orders for Clear Capital and find them great to work with. The only issue I had was when they requested a background check after having worked with them for years. I do some with Old Republic but they tend to try to pay less and I do stick to my guns on my fees. I also do a lot of orders for Sourcenet and they have been paying more in our area than in the past. I haven't completed any orders for the new First American co., although they did sign me up. I have had very good luck with payment from Clear Capital, Old republic and Sourcenet.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Brokers Price Opinion. They DO NOT PAY.  I was contacted by Broker price Opinion in August 2013. They said they had 4 rush commercial BPO's. I explained that our local MLS is not a good source for comps and I would have to pay LoopNet for sold & available comps. We agreed on a price with a 30 day payment. I completed the BPO's on time. 35 days later I called and called and called. Each time I called I was pushed off to a voicemail in the accounting department. My emails went unreturned. Finally I spoke with some one who told me they are paying 60 days after completion (Not what we agreed on).  60 days went by and still no payment. Called & called again, same BS they put you through to accounting where I leave a voicemail which NEVER gets returned. Mailed a past due invoice, called 10 more times, sent 10 more emails  ... and received an email that said they pay 90 days after completion. I have still NOT been paid. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with 

You are correct, they owe me $3000 for 1 year and I have not been paid yet.  I keep getting the check is in the mail.

Why would you let an account go unpaid and get that high?  I run the BPO's just like any other business.  No Pay, NO Work.  60 days is my limit to let an account run.  The experience with EVALONLINE burned me years ago and made me learn a harsh lesson, and never again do I let anything go unpaid and keep meticulous records on who owes what and when it is due.


I have never let anything go more than about $600 and I did get paid on that batch from Eval online after threatening them. I will do a few bpos with a new company and if I do not get paid within 60 days I do not do anymore for them.  If I get paid quickly, then I will do more.

send them a certified letter threatening to take them to court. that usually gets their attention. My old broker did that with Coast to Coast and two days later got paid. I really think that these banks and REO companies need to be notified of this company's tactics.

I agree.  I wish I knew who to go to to report them.

Frank....that's horrible. I would go straight to the big dog if you can find out who that is. You could report them to Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau I think. That treatment is theft plain and simple. Good Luck...go get em!


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