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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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You have to pay a monthly $30 membership.  I did it for a couple months and never got BPO's assigned.  Don't recommend them.

I get orders from CONSOLIDATED ANALYTICS and do not pay any membership. my current single order is a $40 exterior. I havent kept track of their payment history but will report later.

Anyone have a contact person or email address for SolutionStar? Looking to apply for bpo/reo assignments.

Just google them, that how I find vendors most of the time. You might have to click on a couple of links before getting to the right location being that there are alot of names that are very similar. Though, you will get to the right one with a little patience. Good Luck...

Hello Antioette,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my request.


Sometimes if you get lucky, they might contact you directly and give the BPO to you which has happened for me a couple of times before (6 months ago) but it is very unusual and generally go through their 3rd party vendor where you would pay a membership. I have been contact a couple of times here recently in the past 60 days, but as I always do, I tell them to send them directly to me through their own private site and not through the 3rd party vendor. It never hurts to ask and sometimes you get lucky.
Antionette - who is the "they" in your above paragraph? It is way too difficult anymore to follow all of the indentations in the discussions to figure out what company we are talking about. thanks

Consolidated Analytical...

This company sends me emails about orders all the time but they are never anywhere near me. Have you actually done work for them? How well do they pay and how much for an exterior?

I have, they pay after about 6 weeks, but only $40 a file. I won't accept less than $50 now. just too much work for too little pay at $40.

Has anyone done business with REO Professionals?  I just received a call from them  wanting me to list 2 properties for them but you have to pay $400 for their platform.  I never heard of them and I am skeptical.  He did say they are not a bpo company & they only want to work with 1 agent on getting REO properties.   I checked the BBB and they have a D rating because they do not have enough information about them.  Does anyone else have any other way to check them out?


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