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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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they are a scam.

they are a scam and I was duped.......

There are alot of new company names coming out of the woods and they are just replacing old names that have gone bankrupted and closed.  My advice, do not pay any platform that ask you for more than  $150/$199.  Besides, none of them can gaurantee you a listing or BPO's.  These days there are too many agents joining in more and more than there used to be with the economy now with agents getting less and less listings.  They are all looking for away to get that extra income too and therefore you have to much competition to deal with anymore and these companies know that.  All there doing is throwing you a bone.... I personally don't think the "D" rating is from not having enough info, otherwise there would be alot of ld/onew companies with "D" ratings if that was the case?   I think more like they have already been reported.  Besides, there are alot of companies who do not want to pay a membership to be on the BBB rating and that is generally the reason you can find info on them.

I don't think any legitimate business should charge you to work for them. 

Clear Capital - they pay $50- and each day it sits they raise it a little- I only take them when I am not getting any sent from ServiceLink throughout the week.

Consolidate Anayltics Valuations or Quandis Valuations but I have to request a higher fee

AVM - Asset Valuations-  I get a few orders from them

Service Link - (former company LPS or LSI) I get lots of orders from them and fees set for each zip code. My standard fee for exteriors is $75-90 depending on how far, and $90-140 for interiors depending on how far. And they automatically send me the orders, they direct deposit or mail you a check every 2 weeks, pay on 15th and 30th of every month, and if you direct deposit they send an email with a breakdown of the orders and fees. they are excellent payers and I have been with them for 5 years.

I will no longer do orders for Mark2Market as it took over 10 months for the last 2 orders to pay and I had to hound them to pay. Recently bought out, but I do not care. When they leave a bad taste in my mouth, they are gone.

Evalonline owed me around $500.00 that I will not see because of Bankruptcy.

I research the companies before I invest my time and money. I work a full-time day job Mon-Friday and evenings on my BPO'S so time is valuable to me, my Real Estate is in another town 50 miles away, so I do not actively work it much right now, but I also manage 2 rental properties there that net me 20% of gross rents, and I have a 100 acre property listed that praying it will sell. Unfortunately, when it does they are selling the 2 rental properties next spring. It is definitely a write off for them. Tenants can be a pain sometimes, and they tear up more over a short period of time so that may be a blessing in the long run. 

Well that is my book for the day, I pray it helps others not buy into bad companies and take advantage of the good ones. 

LPS-LSI were very shady in the past and is the reason they got caught up in past law suits and stopped doing REO's. They would ask BPO agents to change things out all the time and eventually your Broker Price Opinion was no longer your opinion.  Now that they have merged with Servicelink, now Servicelink has been doing the same.  They have also been asking standard realtors/agents (who are not certified appraisers) to do BPO's on the software called "ACI".  My understanding from research is that this is only be used by "CERTIFIED APPRAISERS".  The forms on this software/platform are only for appraisels.  So any agents out there that are not certified appraisers, do not do your BPO reports on this software, you may get cought up in a lawsuit.  I think what they may be doing, is getting paid Appraisel Report Fee's by the banks and then making a killing on getting the realtors/agents to do standard BPO's on them for only $40-$50 and keep the rest letting the banks think they got a real appraisel.  With most BPO's/Appraisel forms looking almost all the same and asking almost all the same questions anymore, it would be easy for them to get away with this.  So all agents should always ask if the form they are filling out is an actual BPO form and what it is being used for (get it in writing).  It seems when you ask them a question that rattles their feathers abit, they will never respond by email and always call you instead.  I know this with personal experience, because some BPO's I got paid within 2-3 weeks and others that would start taking up to 60 days, they would tel me needed approvals from the bank?  That never use to happen before. That got my curiosity going and I started investigating the "ACI" software because that was the software they had me use on those particular reports that started taking longer to get paid. When I started asking questions and told them what I found out about the "ACI" form, all of a sudden I was cancelled from their network.  Anyway, I kept copies of records on those reports just incase.

Curious, how long have you been in this business.   I take notice that many of your comments are erroneous and could put you a legal risk.   Facts are facts and hearsay is not factual by any means.

Ronald its public knowledge that LPS has been in class action lawsuites and you can google it. One site you can read about LPS is on with article that says that their network of internal lawyers were not disclosing facts and clearly states that payments to LPS were from skiming off attorneys fees that were not disclosed as well as their network of robosigners. There are other sites that also have articles about LPS. There is even a deposition from a former employee. The saying goes, once a crook always a crook. So, I do not think my intuition of them "possibly" being dishonest and doing realtors wrong is too off? All I am saying is at one time Servicelink was a good company to deal with and noticed alot of changes that seem to be alot like LPS practices when they were on their own. With Servicelink, I used to never be asked to change out my comps and always got paid within 2-4 weeks. Then it became 6 to 8 weeks with excuses that the banks needed to approve and consistantly getting clarifications and suggesting other comps that made no sence and it was on the orders that were done on the "ACI" but all the other orders that were done through the standard bpo platform I was used to using were paid as usual. I think every agent has the right to ask questions and not be afraid to lose business. If a company is really being honest, then why right off an agent simply because they ask a question about a new software platform they researched and found out it was to be used by "certified appraisers", yet standard BPO agents as myself were being ask to upload it and use it?

These companies are preying on Realtors that need business and putting a real whammy on hard working people should to be laws.

Also be ware of Broker Price Opinion or First Valuation Services LLC, First Valuation Services,LLC, First Valuation Technology all one in the same. DO NOT PAY with lots of promises. OH by the way you get to pay them?????

Legit companies do not make you PAY

Broker price Opinion owes m(e about $3,000 for over 3 years now.  Sarah Sandoval repeatedly tells me that she mailed me a check for $400 but I have never gotten it) as if that amount would keep me quiet for a while.  I am sick and tired of being lied to that the check is in the mail. 

You are right there should be laws with consequences.  Where is Obama?

You should go back and check all those address's you did BPO's on and see if they are listed still or not listed yet as well as the Realist property details of history to see any out of town MLS agent sales.   Also double check the website. If any still exist and have not sold yet, then you need to put a lean on them ASAP call your county office as to how they proceed with something like this. Escrow will catch it and you will then get your money when they sell.  I think anyone that has not been paid within 4 months should start doing this immediately, knowone should ever wait more then that time frame because sometimes these sell real quick as CASH or at auctions and close within 60-90days or less.

It has nothing to do with Obama.  It requires that you hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.  Also file with the local BBB like several people have.  Sometimes they get a small check and then refile their BBB complaint.  Three years later, a lien filed on a property, where is not the owner, will be dismissed as non-standing.  These borrower/owners do not order the BPOs.


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