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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I recently filed a complaint with the BBB over unpaid bpos from Broker Price Opinion.

They owe me about $2000, Wanted me to accept monthly payment of $150 beginning sometime in October.

This offer of which I have declined. My next step will be to contact the Florida State Attorney and file a complaint.

Don't know how companies like this can continue to stay in business.


They owe me $3000 from the last 3 months, I speak to Sarah all the time, the other representatives call me on a regular basis to complete orders. I told them I would not complete another order until I have been paid what is due to me, just like they want to get paid so do I.  I just recently found out that they had a Class action lawsuit against them from last year. Did you ever get you money

USRES. I will admit at one time I had no complaints. This past year however they have been a nightmare and I will no longer do anything for them. I just worked for more than 3 months on a assigned property and they just pulled it and gave it to another agent. BEFORE the actual listing occurred. I worked for over 3 months, bpos, KFC, inspections, occupancy checks, ect ect. Just to be told "oh well these things happen"? Are you kidding me? Yes it happens, its happened to me but this is the last time it will happen to ME. They have been sent a bill for everything Ive done thus far. If they do not pay then I will attach a lien. I worked due to an agreement we had that stated I was doing these things in exchange for the list. I have a book Ive printed out with emails, screen shots, notes, ect. If they think its "no biggy" to work for 3 months for free then more power to em! May they all at USRES work for free! I am a REO list agent and I complete BPOs hand over fist. This is the rudest company Ive ever dealt with. Beth Chelson is the turd in cereal bowl there. That woman could piss off the pope! Im done!  

evaluation ZONE  do these guys pay? Anyone know anyting about them 

I just signed up with them and have the same question

good for you!

as i were, no one should work for free, whether or not you get the listing-if folks flipping burgers are entitled to a living wage-why not brokers?not to mention

the cost of gas, and additional expenses

I am with you Missie, USRES is full of B.S. with their work BPO's free for listings.  The issue is that they are taking advantage of unsuspecting agents and exploiting them with false promises of listings.  The truth is that they don't necessarily have listings everywhere they have BPO work so there is a good chance that the don't and/or won't ever have a listing in the agents service area.  

Hopefully agents will find these threads and avoid being duped by false promises and outright lies.

Good luck resolving your issues with them.

I was placing a lien and gave them until 9/1/14 to not only issue me a check or send me a copy of the check with proof that it had been mailed. ( this was a phone conversation yesterday after I declined their offer to negotiate my fees UGH NO THANKS my bill stood firm) Today i received a call and an email with check copy and proof of mailing. Ive been pd in FULL. :) This worked out well for me. They just paid me more than what I would have made selling it. FYI the list agent that was given that listing DOES NOT DO FREE BPOS. I gave USRES the same time limit "task" that they put on us. Im impressed they actually got the job done. Glad to be rid of them. May they fall away with the rest of the @$$holes that think we as agents owe them something. ( refer fees, electric bills, water bills, OUR DONATED TIME..) They actually expected me to bow my head and eat that?!  Now they can EAT IT! 

Good for you Missie, that is a great story! I don't use LOL ever your post just forced me to use it because I just laughed out loud reading it.  More agents should stick up for themselves like you did maybe these BPO companies and Asset Managers would take notice.  Probably just wishful thinking.

No we stand together and the message blares. I saved everything they sent me. I saved it ALL. I was ready from day 1 to go to court because I was NOT getting screwed again. 

If you have ever met the CEO of USRES/RESNET, you would realize what an arrogant Bastard he is and would refuse to work for them.  I paid 1 year, and got 3 BPO's got paid for 1 ONE.  Then I went to FIVE STAR and met the SOB and realized that getting money/work from them was not in my best interest.  Been There done that, NOT GOING THERE AGAIN.  I am not a CHARITABLE organization I do not work for FREE

Ive been telling everyone for a long time not to be fooled with nthat free for listings crap. Use common sense!


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