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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Just a friendly reminder to everyone......

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I definitely like that statement Jesse- things don't go away on the internet- 

Well its Sept 22 2014. Four months ago I took 20 orders from BrokerPriceOpinion, drove and photo'd them all, then found this thread about how they dont pay. By then Id completed 12 and wouldnt do the other 8. I called them and was told they are on a 90 day pay schedule. At the end of the 90 days---THEN they put it in cue to be paid and it usually takes about 2 weeks. So that 3.5 months. Its been full four months on mine so I emailed and received a letter saying to forgive them, they are trying, and in in line but they still dont have the funds and could I please wait longer?


I replied with a scathing threat about giving them even more publicity and demanded payment within a week. No answer. I emailed again to ask if they got it and what the response is. No answer. This is AMAZING! Have any of you found out what investor/lender is contracting them so we can directly contact them to show them whats happening?  Maybe they dont care.  By the time I get through, you wont be able to type their name into any search box without bringing up everything bad thats ever been said about them.

DId you find any lender in common with the properties you did BPOs on? Are they all going to a lein sale - then it is probably a big lein investor which might be difficult to find. Your county might be able to tell you who has bought leins in the past.

There was one lender who owed millions to eValsolutions before they went bellyup. I forget who it was but it was one of the big 5 and it was declared in their bankruptcy notice. I've mentioned this elsewhere.

Other than that, some agents have gotten several partial payments by filing repeat complaints with their local BBB even though is not a member. I dont know if they are still responding to the BBB. If you google the company, the BBB complaints usually pop up.

Good idea about checking title to see the common lender/s. Ill do that in the morning!  ANd to be fair, I can see a lender stiffing the BPO company but thats not OUR fault and BPO has been doing this so long to so many people that it has to be their problems.

I just googled the complaints. They are 'scheduling' payments. That's not going to happen. The class action is there under the Appraisal Law Blog. It's an interesting read but I wouldn't hold out much hope. There is contact info there. This usually leads up to bankrupcy and no one gets paid but the attorneys. Sorry you got caught up in this, Marvin.

Did you ever get paid from they owe me over $3,000. over the last 3 months and of course I got the same message you did about the 90 day processing time. I emailed and called them and asked for them to send me a copy of their payroll processing procedures, nothing as of yet. 

Has anyone done business with Pyramid Platform?  Recently contacted by them for an REO listing but the property has not even been foreclosed on yet and is tenant occupied. The want me to get all lien info, copies of current tax bills and look for any code violations.  Any advice would be appreciated.



are they asking you to do this for free?

Has anyone done any BPO's afor AVM, Asset value Marketing and if so how do they pay.  


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