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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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It has been pretty slow lately, I get drops here and there but overall it is slow across the board. I think the election and world economy is part of the problem.  I spoke with someone at one of the BPO companies I deal with and he also thinks this election is what is dragging things down.

Just a trickle of BPO work these days. Never have gotten anything from Xome. And I'm leery about doing any orders for the companies that are still around. Most are the ones that have pages upon pages of complaints against them for non payment.

Residential Real Estate Review

anyone have a bad experience with them lately?


I have not had a bad experience with RRReview ever that I can remember. Have not had any orders for a couple of weeks. About the only ones I am able to get from them are when they are sent to me exclusively otherwise if they put out an order it is taken up by soneone on auto accept right away before I can even respond even if I am sitting right in front of my computer. Never had a problem with payment either. What is your bad experience

I got hounded to correct comps on a report from them for a property in a rural location. I tried to keep justifying why I chose the value and comps that I did but I am not sure if they ever accepted it. An American reviewer called me and gave me a hard time about my position.

I stopped taking rders from them last year because of numerous QC questions and delays then acceptance. It was a time waster.

Thumbs up, dom several a month, they call me all the time to go out of area- it cost them, they pay really good

Most of the companies I deal with pay on time, normally within 30 to 60 days. In some cases sooner. there are a few that are about 60 to 90 days out, but they still pay. the biggest issues are the increased amount of work that is required and the constant QC revisions which waste a lot of my time.

Things have slowed way down with BPO's here in Florida.

At one time I did a lot for Xome, BPOFulfillment, GRC, Sam and CA but in the last 4 months that has dropped off by 2/3.

I get emails from BPOFulfillment, GRC, Sam and CA to name a few  but with the auto-accepts out there their gone even if you on the site.

Now they all for the most part have dropped their prices again.

They get away with this because the can.

As long as there are foolish people out there that are willing to work for the pennies the BPO companies are will to pay and put your reputation on the line as well it's never going to change.

Very well put.

I agree, the more people willing to do these time consuming BPOs for pennies, the less I'm inclined to accept.  I even accepted an interior for $65 and went out to do it and took almost 50 pictures of this custom home and when I assessed the time remaining to do the forms and comps, I told them to assign it to someone else for $65.

Off the subject, does anyone know of a client looking for a fantastic building with two businesses for sale in a quiet small town in MO?  It's 30 miles south of Joplin and 30 miles north of Bentonville, the headquarters for WalMart.

It's my building and I've got it in our MLS in Springfield, but would pay a good referral if you're not licensed in MO.

Here's a link and feel free to share it with anyone you might think would be interested.  I've been trying to get it sold, but so far nothing.  Thanks for looking and sharing.

Sharon Letson, Broker Associate

Sunshine Realtors

Springfield, MO


I agree with you. Volume has slowed way, way down in Ohio. I have been getting more commercial orders than residential which is not the norm. Of course I still get emails from companies asking me to do BPOs for $30 for ext and $45 for interior. Anyone who does them for that amount is crazy but you are right,  as long as people take them, the companies will continue to lower the amount they pay until they are doing them for free. 


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