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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Wow, I wonder how they find the agents to call. 


My opinion is that anyone who pays is foolish...there is enough work for free out there

As I recently posted, agents need to do their own dual delegence by researching these companies before dealing with them.  If you start experiencing late payments more than usual, then its time to get out from under that BPO vendor.  They obviosuly don't respect you!!  Agents need to stop CRYING WOLF and stop playing the VICTIM GAME.  These companies are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday, I just got a request do to a rental inspections that ask for the same 3 actives and 3 rentals basicly the work as a standard BPO for a lowsy $15...OMG REALLY

Evalonline never paid anyone in my area. Even when they were going under and knew they couldnt pay they were still calling me to do more. They already owed me alot of money that they had no intention of paying. They operated under a diff company name before evalonline and never paid under that company name either. I check into every company anymore before I do any work at all. So many bad companies out there.

We have agents in our area doing BPO's for $30 and interior for $65. That will not work with me. I ask for $100 to $150 for interiors. They will pay if no one will accept them on the weekend. I cannot see driving here and there for $30.

I had one company only wanting to pay $15.......  They said it was a desk-top no travel....

I told them NO WAY.

I got the same call, laughed at them and hung up


I agree 110%...I ask for 100-175 for interiors and some exteriors depending on how far...they will pay. The agents doing these bpo's for cheap are why some pay these ridiculously small amounts because they know some will accept them.. I will not drive anywhere for $50.

smart girl!!!! people who work for 30.00 and 65.00 know what their service is worth.  I would not step out my door for 30.00

Sorry to hear about that.  They got a colleague of mine at our office too.  They owed me about $1100 at the time.  I had been nagging them by calling, emailing and threatening them with the BBB and liens.  Finally, I got a check but it was about $90 short.  At that point though, I knew it was time to cut my losses.  My colleague wasn't so lucky, they caught him for about $800 which he never saw a penny of.

They pay but slow and it coudl take to a year...I was paid after 1 year of waiting.


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