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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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David  I would love to get a group together to go after IAS if anyone has suggestions they owe our company nearly 3k!!!!

Have you got paid by IAS yet? They owe me about 3.5K. I hope I don't have to jump in on your suit.

They owe me around 3 k as well.  They promised me payment the week of 11/21 and then again the next week but I haven't seen any of it.  I'm ready to make a claim.  I spent a couple hours trying to reach a "real" person to resolve the problem but they keep sending me to voicemail.  I was giving them a chance and accepted a couple orders since they said they were paying but I just emailed them to cancel until I have proof of payment and a payment plan.

I'm getting consistent orders and payments from PCV Murcor and RRReview. Get sporadic orders from some others, particularly emortgage logic as of late, no issues with payments yet.  Am signed up with quite a few others that I don't receive orders from. 


From Cindy's list:

* I just signed up with Equi-trax. 

* I don't see a place to sign up for BPOs on Titanium's site, just "Home Retention Consultants". 

* I don't see a place to sign up on Franklin Credit's site. 

* FASInc. charges a $100 fee 


Any other good experiences out there? 


I stopped working with Eval over 3 years ago. I still receive calls and emails to this date to complete bpos. I am amazed that they are still in biz with all the bad publicity that is out on them. I am also amazed that agents are still doing bpos for them. They do not pay and you will waste weeks and months trying to get them to pay. Once you add up your time for the bpo and trying to be paid you are lucky if you are making .15 cents an hour.
Anyone have experience with iMortgage Services or Mainstreet Valuations?  I have just completed BPO's for both.  I love Clear Capital, they seem to be a unanimous choice for good pay practices.
imortgage is great

I work with several BPO companies and am looking for agents to add to my blog about - evaluationsolutions.please add your story and lets work together to let agents know that they do not pay! i am looking into class action!


my good pays:

secured lending, clear capital, goodman dean, rrreview, LRES, main st val


NO PAYS:  evaluation solutions -,  summit evaluations

Where is your blog?

Call Summit, they will should not have to call, but do...

Funny how some of these companies pay to some agents and do not make payments to others, is it some kind of lottery? I have always received payment for evaluation solutions/evalonline. I have made very large orders for them at one time (big bulks) and have received full payment in 30 days. I have a great relationship with Tiffany Hall and she has always taken care of expediting the payment. On other blogs I have read on this site Tiffany has taken care of other agent's past dues, she seems to be the person to contact. 


As of today UTLS, now AMO Recoveries Inc (can't believe these people are still up and running) owe me over $3,700 on Chase BPOs that date back to the beginning of 2011.


Can anyone please comment on former UTLS?

Hi Everyone. 

I may have found a solution to getting paid for BPO's that you've completed for Evaluation Solutions!

Send an email to EVERYONE on this list...


Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE          904-288-2004x 144

Bryan Guckavan CEO                    904-288-2004x 101

Jamien Derrence VP                         904 288-2004x 011

Jamie Jones OPS MANAGER       904-288-2004x 167 


These email addresses DO work!  Email EVERYONE on this list, and you'll get a response...QUICKLY!

NOTE: Make sure you include the BPO Order #, the property address, the date of completion and the fee amount.

I had about $985 of outstanding BPO payments due dating back about 14 months, and I sent this on Thursday of last week and Melissa Rivers got back to me on Friday morning, stating that the check would be sent out in 5 days.

Haven't got it yet, but it's only been 3 days.  I'll let you know IF I get paid!

Thanks, and good luck!

Jim Mitchell

Century 21 All Star, REALTORS


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