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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Thanks, Jim, for this information.  I'm going to give it a shot.  They owe me $915.00 going back to May of this year. Just wondering if you've gotten your check yet?  Hope so.  Good luck and thanks again.

I must give a HUGE THANKS!  for everyone's information on here on eval!  I sen the email today to not only this list of emails but also all other emails that were noted in this forum.  I sent it out this morning and I got a response from Lorie Carter saying that my check will be processed and sent out by the end of the week!  YAY!!  I'm so excited to get this taken care of and I'll check back and let you all know once I get the check ~

Alicia Garner - Mark Garner and Associates

Transaction Realty

Hi Jim we also got a similar reply from Melissa within an hr stating weeks end (which is tomorrow so I'm not sure if she meant next week)  Thanks for the info!  Now we wait I will certainly post if we get a check!

Add  Appraiser Loft   to the list  of don't pay companies. I thought I had learned a lesson. Did 5 bpos for them   never was paid. I now see their name on a  "don't pay"  list on another REO network I joined on Linked In


There just has to be something we can do about this

I did like 8 bpos for appraisal loft and have not received a check yet in like 3 months, they dont answer my calls and the emails bounce back. I guess I can forget about that payment.

they were paying on time up until 5 months ago. wierd. They still owe me for 3

I have the same problem.  Has anyone had experience with Data quick.

I just wanted to update that we got a message from eval that our account had been reconciled and the check is in the mail I will update if and when we recieve it. 


Jim did you recieve your check yet?

We recieved our check Saturday from eval!!!!!

Latest in dead beat's is IAS aka Integrated Asset Services.  They send emails and make phone calls but have not been paid in 3 months.  Evalonline is not at 90+ days too.  If this keeps up let's get an attorney and draw up a class action suit and that will get their attention! 


Added to your good guys list, Corelogic, Clear Capital, and Service Link. All pay in 30 days or less.

yep,  IAS hasn't paid me either. Last time I got an email saying "because our company is growing we are reorganizing our accounts payable system....  " I did get a check but now haven;t been paid since June  Damit    I got duped again


Broker price opinion just sent me a $35.00 order and I just got an email to sign up as a preferred vendor for $250. I think not.


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