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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Any one knows about urban lending solutions? they called and emailed me several times asking to work for them?.. thank you!

they emailed me too, I have not really done anything yet.

I think urban lending will be a good one. They promise quick payment

Where is the eMail or phone to contact GREEN RIVERS for late payments? They owe me 3 checks.


Sam Shueh

 Here you go Steve,


Here is the number for green river capital 801 456-5417

Dear friends, I really need your input about a new company ---new to me --- Asset Valuation and Marketing.  They have sent me my first order today.  My feelings are mixed.  I am one of those who worked for a lot of hours for free for Evalonline and since then,( as much asl I enjoy doing BPOs) the fear of that past situation is invading me.  Oh my God! Please let me know if you have had good or bad experiences with Asset Valuation and Marketing.  

Very thankful for all you could share and very thankful for this website.

It's been a while, but they have always been good to work for.  Forms were easy to use as well.  Last order I did for them was probably over 6 months ago though.  Ask them what their pay schedule is like then see if they stick to it before you take on multiple orders.

Thank you Louis. i started doing BPOs before people knew what that was.  In 1999.  Never had a problem with any company.  The Evalonline experience affected me to the point that I stopped this all together.  Believe me that this forum has been extremely helpful for me to get back doing BPOs. Asking for the payment schedule is a great idea. 

Yeh I started in 2004.  I also got burned by Evalonline as well as Land America/UTLS.  When the checks stop coming as scheduled, or start coming later, then it's time to bail from that company.  What are you best companies currently?  Mine are Protk, Emortgage Logic, LSI, Old Republic.

As I got back just recently I am only working with LPS and Clear Capital. Great companies.

LSI, OCWEN, Protk as far pay, Nationsvs, Single Source

Elena, Asset Val is not a bad company to work for. I haven't seen much from them lately. They do direct deposit. Until you are established with them, their QC can be a little difficult. Hope this helps.


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