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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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I thank you for your fast response Julie. Good to know about the QC also.

I asked to put me on their do not use list. The commercial form is a disaster.

Eval online has touched the hearts of all of us, not in a good way. So has Broker Price Opinion, Coast to Coast. LRES is slower to pay, IAS has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy so stay away from them, they were about 8 months behind in pay. LPS, Single Source, First American, OCWEN, Southwest Financial, Finiti, Data Quick, Clear Capital, Nationsvs, Protk, Equitrax, all good about payment and most are either direct deposit or have the capability.

I have never had a problem with payment from AVM

Thank you Joan. I will keep your positive experience in mind.

not payment, no, but treatment yes. The commercial form is horrible, real problems, and although they were nice people, they had no backbone, to cancel an order due to a demanding client when I was a few minutes behind is not acceptable, it was in a rural location and took me about 3 hours round trip to get the photos.

avoid them like the plague, I did a few for them, then they cancelled an order that was 60 miles one way when I was fifteen minutes late, it was a commercial property and I was having difficulty with comps.

This is also an important consideration.  We first think of the payment, but how they treat us is also important to know.  Thanks.

Asset Valuation and Marketing is one of the best BPO companies out there.  If you ever get a chance, work for them.  Their volume is down in my market but I jump at the chance for fair pay, 3-5 day due dates, and monthly auto-deposit.  And they do NOT blast orders.  They have never cancelled a BPO on me even if I was a little bit late.  They expect you to let them know your progress and if there are going to be any problems.  

Many companies cancel if you are a minute late because that is their policy or their client's policy and they usually tell you that up front.  One of the BPO companies I work with - can't remember which - just announced that if you are late, the BPO will automatically be cancelled.  BoA's BPO company was that way before their newer system was put in place.  The computer system cancelled it with no human intervention.  It would just be gone unless you called for an extension.        

Yes, I have good experience with Asset Valuation and just accepted one today on BPO's only. Though, they don't give out too many BPO's though have never got any of the listings from them.  As for other companies that don't have patience, they are the bad ones that don't do very well and are on a thin thread with their clients/banks.  I work with several and I have never had them cancel even if I were half a day late.  I will just make sure to go in with reasonable time frame and a reasonable explanation to the situation.  Most of the time it has been with other agents making it difficult for interior access's.  They don't call me back soon enough and in the meantime, I have already moved forward working on other orders.  I don't understand why agents get so insecure when you call them.  They act like your going to take the listing from them, its so frustrating dealing with their attitudes. I hate it when they start trying to give me their price opinion to try to get me do what they want.  I just tell them, I will do my best researching all possible local MLS sites  I also search many public sites for "pocket listings" that I know they tend to conveniently leave off the report for their buyer's interest.  Many times agents already have already obtained a buyer during the pre-marketing phase (unethical business).

Equi-Trax amd EML going nuts with a new client orders..especially ,NY, IN, NJ, IL, FL, CA -told you so....8/15/2013- 8/17/2013

Equi-Trax amd EML is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to them if you want them 

Equi-Trax amd EML ...Birdie tells me they just got a bunch of Fannie Mae- Chase stuff - probably more interiors  since they are FNMA

I believe its a 10,000 to 15,000 Order drop...You need to call these people for orders..please comb through your emails from these people get exact names...for those of you who have received emails from the below people- you will have their direct lines in email signatures are the things at the bottom of emails that have contact info

DON'T CALL ME _ CALL Equi-Trax amd EML

Joey Singh
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Here is some advice for non payment of fees for BPO services.  Just join LegalShield, I am in WA and it is only $17/mo plus a one time $10 enrollment fee.  Monthly fee varies by state...may go up to $25.95/mo for legal portion only.  They have helped me in so many ways all for one flat monthly fee.  Go to:  and join in your state.  Here's the best part, if your problem company is in another state, it doesn't matter as they have a dedicated law firm in every state but Alaska. 

After you get your membership number, call your state firm and talk to them about their collection program.  They will help you quickly & efficiently.

We are all professionals and we need a reputable law firm on our team, this is it.


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