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Great advise by our In-house AM - Let's do this and see which companies pay the best and which ones don't - here's my list of good pays

Titanium Solutions
Franklin Credit

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Thanks Joey .......will do

Anybody had trouble with Valuation Vision.  Just got off the phone and was told there were in acquisition and not cutting checks at this time.  aka- you are not getting paid, I feel. 

Same here.

Any luck getting paid for Valuation Vision.? Just got a email mrom them for a couple orders....I'm just waiting before I do them.

If they are not cutting checks right now I would walk away from those orders. Im sure they are not long to stay in business. 

BPO companies are giving out bpo's now for $30 and interiors for $65. I refuse to do them.

Hi Shirley,

I'm with you.  Yesterday I did one for $55 and it took me 7 hours including the driving to and from and then they want this whole new thing and comps on rentals.  What's that all about.  I don't and have never done rentals, have no access to rental comps and that would have taken even more time.  Then this morning this new company I've done one with and yet haven't seen how they pay, put one on my email to accept or decline for $40.  Even though it's close to me, I have to stop and I sent them email stating I won't do exteriors for less than $50 if close and if rural, higher fees as well as higher fees for interiors.  These companies are taking advantage of us and we definitely need to stick together on basic fees just like union workers have scale, we need scale too.  I'm sick of doing these way out rurals with no comps, hours of trying to find comps and then explain why I can't stick to their guidelines and now a rental comp addition.  I won't do it.  We are professionals and are getting less than minimum wage on some of these vendors.

I recently got one like that I was surprised that it was asking for rental comps to be included which takes up more research time and you don't get anymore for it.  I always refuse those rural locations that know one else wants either unless they pay me big time like $100 or more.  Anyway, I originally tried to submit it saying I was not in property management and they came back asking me to just go into Zillow, hotpads etc...etc... to find what ever I could.  So I did it and whether they got the right comps or not is on them since they were informed I was not an expert on rentals. It was an interior and I completed it because it did pay $75 and was one of my bigger paying BPO vendors I get work from at least every other day.  Though, if it does becomes a habit with them, then I will need to address it.  Because I see it as they are trying to get 2 BPO's in one.  Some of these vendors are starting to act like the banks trying to use standard BPO's in place of real appraisers at closing but will never admit it and charge the home buyer anyway.  I believe BOFA closing dept called "Landsafe" working with LPS-LSI would do this type of unethical practice quite often.  I was too honest on my reports with LPS-LSI so they stopped using me with some lame excuse. I guess they were tired of not getting any commissions.  I'd rather lose the business from LPS-LSI than to lose my license. 

Yes I fully understand.  This rural BPO was out in the middle of nowhere and rentals are not available in that area or for that type of new home with acreage.  I only got $55, didn't know the rental part had to be done and all the time searching for comps, was ridiculous. After driving to and from at about 2 hours, then sitting at my computer from 4 pm to 9 pm without a break, I will not do that again.  I do think they stick me with the rural because no one else will do them.  I have taken my zipcode of areas I'll do and marked how much I want for fees and I'm going to stick to it.  What good would it do me to search trulia and zillow when I know from 32 years of experience, and the rural area this subject was in, would not find hardly any and all the time in searching and they wanted sq. ft., and all the other infor for rental. This is off the subject, is that the way your first name is spelled?  I keep thinking it must be, but wondered if Antoinette is an alternate spelling.  Have a good day.  I turned down 2 today.  Funny thing, I could look around my house, pick something to sell on ebay for $50 and not have to spend even a fraction of the time to do these companies bidding.  I might just do that now.  They got me going now, lol.

I have just use the spelling that was on my birth certificate just never got around to changing it to keep it unique.  One thing, if anyone tries to sign my name fraudulently they will get caught thinking they were spelling it the right way... lol

good idea, where do you have your office for Real Estate?  I'm in Willard, MO, a town northwest of Springfield, MO

I'm in Sunny California...  Its been real hot lately.


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