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I have a VIP pass to Reocon that I am unable to use. Will sell for best offer. Great opportunity!

Marcy Moyer

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How about a trade for free cruise ticket Marcy?  I know you canceled a few months ago, BUT, I'll trade you a FREE ticket to our cruise conference, with conference and EVERYTHING included! Only thing you would have to pay is the port charges and taxes.  Don't recall WHY you had cancelled, BUT if you can attend our cruise, you've got a pass!  Remember, no hotel fees or anything with our conference!

$1,000 Value (priceless from my perspective...)

SERIOUSLY though, cash is tight right now, but I might go if I had a free ticket!  I have quiet a few cruise tickets...

Mike you are welcome to my ticket, no charge. I had to cancel short sale cruise because of son's surgery in march. Can't go to ReoCon because I have a small blood clot and am not allowed to fly for a few weeks. If you can use my pass please take it as a gift from me to thank you for all you do for me as well as so many other agents.

Thats right.  I remember now.  If I took you up on that, I would of course make it VERY worth your while.  Free membership and stuff.  We are launching something very big in a month or two that you will want without a doubt as well...  You've been with us a while so you know I'll make it worth it.  Let me chew on it for a day and see if I can get away for a few days.  Would be nice to network some and of course talk to more AM's and agents about our cruise.  I'll let you know by the end of the weekend.  Sorry to hear that you are having some challenging times right now.



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