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REOMac - has anyone been successful in joining in the last 6 months?

I have been on the REOMac agent 'waiting list' to join since August (2008).

Does anyone have any tips for getting signed up as a Member outside of sitting on this waitiing list?

They only have 4 agents for the State of Oregon and all are in NW (Portland region).

I am on the Eastern / Central Oregon part, so it is not like there would be conflict.

I have sent an email to this effect to them, but have received no reply at all.

Has anyone ever been to one of their conventions? I have heard that the REOMac conventions are THE place to be from several long time REO brokers, but I have also heard they are just a zoo of agents mobbing the default managers.

Can anyone give me first hand experience or any other information why they have closed their membership to Real Estate agents and when it might be opened up again?

Thank you!

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Sounds like they are overwhelmed lately... Maybe need to keep calling them?


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