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I went to REOMAC last week in Hollywood, FL and had a great time. I didn't attend the classes, but I heard good things, and think that attending the classes would be a good thing in the future. I spent most of my time either networking at after hours events, in CREOBA commercial REO training, or in the ocean (which was much-needed and beautiful!).

Kudos to REOMAC for throwing a great event from my perspective and from feedback I've received. There were great speakers and I ended up sitting next to one of them on a yacht - Beatrice (Bea) Davis. She was VERY informative about both REOMAC (as Vice President and Membership Liaison) and asset management (Reporting/Compliance for GMAC rescap). I really respect what she does, her dedication and her words of wisdom which I'll outline for you here:

*Asset Management is going through the same tough economic downsizing as everyone else.
*Leaders are being lost in asset management and it hurts the mentees.
*Show compassion when speaking to an asset manager, don't just fling your business card at them.
*Listen more than talk.
*You have to step up your short sale knowledge because asset managers are being told to either start working on "approved short sales" for their clients or they don't have a job.

NFSTI REOMasters had a VIP Penthouse party to help network industry leaders at Le Meridian off the A1A just north of Miami. It was a beautiful setting with rooftop access, great music, great food, almost a 360 degree view, and a full view of the sunset and the Atlantic ocean. I personally was on the Fidelity cruise during the highlight of the party, but heard nothing but great things. I ended the night with some chill conversation with Steve out of Phoenix, AZ and James Paige out of San Diego.

I'd have to say that one of the highlights of my time at the REOMAC (aside from the great food, playing in the ocean with friends, great commercial courses, and seeing South Beach for the first time) was running into my old managing broker, Shane Ingram, out of Denver, CO. He is a true REO Master and truly seems to enjoy what he does. Keep up the good work Superman. I've told you my experience. What was yours?


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Well Dan, one day we will meet in person...

I thought REOMAC was really nice this year. The crowds were smaller and everyone was much more accessible. There were very few asset managers, but there were alot of entrepenuers.. The CREOBA guys were out in force (and very hospitable as usual), they had some competition from another group. plus there was a short sale organization.. (which is interesting)

The classes were great, the networking was fantastic, and the ocean was fantastic...
Jaime, short sale organization? Are you referring to Titanium? If not, what's it called? Thanks.
What's it going to take to meet up?! I cannot believe I didn't think to check in with you on this one. I got the same impression overall. I was there with Richard and Ed (instructors) for CREOBA observing and doing some support. They did great.

Off to Vegas Sunday. You going to this conference?

We will be at the AREAA/NAHREP. This will be our first time attending this conference, hope to meet you there! - Liz

I'll be running around to all the classes. We should try to meet up at some point.

Wow! I didn't get invited to any penthosue event and I have been promoting you guys for over a year!! I had a great time and REOMAC and will go every time
OH MAN!'s time that you get plugged in to

I, too, attended the conference and actually went to all the sessions. I didn't know anything about all the other stuff going on. How does one learn about that? This was my second REOMAC conference. They are always chock full of information. Unfortunately I waited until my last night to stick my foot in the ocean. The water was absolute heaven!!!

There is a whole subculture at these events and typically some of the most amazing networking occurs at the after hours events. We are developing a calendar of events at so that you can keep track of all the upcoming events. Also, you'll want to plug into our free coaching call series - that is typically a great source of upcoming information about events, technology, business, etc. Our site will be completely updated within the next keep your eyes on it.

Dan Waterman
NFSTI REOMasters™ Network
And yes, the water WAS Heaven...I spent a total of about 6 hours in it and enjoyed every minute.


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