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Hi Members:

Just curious, how many of you have noticed that REOPro and REOMasters is offering you a series of coaching conference call from industry experts? Are you getting the broadcast message I am sending out? Are you on the call? What are your thoughts?

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I have, but 3pm my time is a busy time of the day for us, so I haven't had a chance yet to take part. I really wanted to join the commercial REO session yesterday, but by the time I noticed the clock it was already 3:45 and still had people standing in line to ask me question. :(

FREE!!! Do I say more. Powerful content. Make time is my suggestion. I am guilty today I had a prior lunch date scheduled and the whole time I could not wait to get in my car and dial into the last part of the call. Hoping that there will be a online library of this "Coach-a-thon".

Call #1 and Call #2 were well worth my time. I am going to go back and type out my notes.

Denise Stovall
Sonoma County
Northern California


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