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REOPro Reveals How To Beomce a HUD Listing Agent, Before MM3.7 is AWARDED!

Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:00 PST / 2:00 EST REOPro will be hosting a Webinar on how you can become a HUD Listing Agent. This will be a onetime event and seats are limited to the first 200 people. It is a first come, first serve webinar and you MUST RSVP, no exceptions. The cost is $99.00 and to register, follow the provided link directly below...


Registration URL:

Training ID: 182-365-388

Q:  Why should I listen to this webinar, hosted by REOPro instead of listening to anyone else’s?

A: On this webinar, you will learn how to become a HUD Listing Agent directly from an M&M Contractor for HUD M&M 2, who had 2 states and was one of the very 1st Broad Listing Brokers. She has also sold thousands of HUD homes since 1993 and is a current bidder on HUD M&M3.7


Q: What will this webinar do for me unlike other webinars I have attended?


A: With REOPro you get to hear directly from a HUD insider who is going to share with you, the tips and tricks on how to get noticed by a HUD Asset Manager.  She will reveal what it takes to become a HUD Listing Agent and give you specifics on what you need to do to get noticed.

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I know we were getting close so let me check and let you know.

It says that i cant sign up when i try 

Site Administrator kicked out your sign up and said for you to try it again. She said it should work now. She didn't know why it didn't work before.

 i signed up and paid, what do i do now?

You should have gotten a confirmation email with you log in details. I did get your email by the way and am looking into why you didn't get the email. Give me a couple hours and I should have a response for you. Thanks.

No pitch, it's just content based.

Who is the speaker?

The speaker is Debbie Caruso however, I will be hosting / driving the webinar.

Will this help me in California?

Hey James, don't forget, item # 8 in our syllabus, posted earlier on this forum is the 6 figure agent, how to get noticed and possibly get listings.

can you tell if i am signed up?  it says it charged to my credit card, but i don't see a link to log in

Jesse.How long will the webinar last?


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