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Hi Everyone--

I have read a couple of posts about receiving RES's through Res Net but you have to have the Pro Account.....   I am just curious if people have had positive experiences.....   I paid Equator last year and didn't receive anything.....    Would love to add REO's into my  business....   Thanks for any input.   It is very much appreciated!!

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Don't waste your money.

Thank you!

RES net used to be a great place to get listings 10 years ago. Their platform was one of the most common and widely used by asset managers. Then, the REO shortage hit and economy got better. RES net never really lowered their fees and has not been in my opinion a good investment. Most of the few REO companies already have designated agents and use the RES net platform to assign specific tasks. I would not pay them to get listings. You would be waiting your money. They even ask for you to do free BPOs in order for them to put you ahead of the list of agents to possibly get that listing. That is a lie and you won't get that listing either. Now a days most of the REO companies already have their platforms and systems and don't use RES net. It has been like that for about 7 years. I think RES net and Equator are trying to survive at all costs and making agents sign up for the PRO or platinum versions.

Thank you very much for the great info!   I really appreciate the insight!!

Years ago it would have paid off but not now, if you are trying to get into REO's now's too late and too many established REO agents, this is the first year since 2007 I am not renewing my pro account

Thank you!!!   Appreciate the feedback!!

Years ago they were good, not anymore.  Spend your money on other marketing

Thank you!!!

I have both accounts Resnet and Equator.  I have not received any listings.

Thank You!!!   Appreciate the info!!

Before I paid to join them I would pay to join  I used to be a paid member and got listings through it.  I only do bpos now so I don't need it.

Thank you!!!   I will check them out!!!


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