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Has anyone got more listings after getting AMP from RES NET? does it matter? should we really get AMP if we want to get listings? Let me know what do you think



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No increase in volume yet.
Seems like all the "upgrades" to RESNet's AMP are what is already on Equator (ReoTrans). Equator, tracks all your communication, BPO's, MSR's, documents, tasks... ResNet should include AMP for free to their already paying members... I decided not to "upgrade."
I agree, Olivia.
I haven't noticed an increase in REO or BPO business. I won't be renewing the AMP when the time comes but will definitely renew resnet.

Really AMP is focused on the record keeping/document storage more so than anything. AMP does allow you to give another 100 zip codes and more info on yourself/the company but it is my understanding that most asset management companies have a predetermined radius from your home/office to the subject property anyways. So the extra amount that AMP charges may only be utilized by those who have several ROE/Short sale listings. And even then I think that there are better ways of organizing this info that may workout better than paying the extra fee.

Put the fee AMP is charging into another platform if you are looking to expand your business.
AMP is a joke. I don't believe anyone gets extra business due to the AMP upgrade. IT is cool to compare past BPO's with updated MMR's to keep your pricing in check. Like Olivia said though all this is standard on Equator. I will not renew the AMP upgrade next year.
I just paid the AMP fee this month. I am curious if the Resume link will really be accessed by asset managers to select agents. I guess only time will tell...

Did you receive additional business by upgrading?


AMP will NOT get you more business. The AMP rep tells me that 92 out of the 2100 agents in my state signed up so far and if I sign up the asset managers can see my resume......but Asset Manager DO NOT assign properties. Vendor managers and pre-maketing departments do.

Michael Shannon is correct - asset managers have nothing to do with assigning assets. 

I signed up with AMP the first year they came out with it.  No new assets, no increased BPOs - nothing.

At REOExpo last year, one of the Asset Management Companys that was presenting said they were going to switch from Equator to this year, and she also stated that you did not have to be a PAIDing member of in order to work their assets.

I am a free member of and can do BPOs assigned through their site.  Most of my AMCs have their own platforms for the contractual work.


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