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Hello Everyone,

I have been watching my emails for the discount codes but I didn't get any.  Do anyone have a disount promo code?

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Are you approved with PMH? I received a discount code through them. Call RES.NET help line and ask where to obtain the code. Hope this helps.

Call them... they will help u w/ that!

Thank you Rose and Byron,

I called and spoke to my representative but he says that they don't have any at this time.  OMG, another $700  lol.

If not available today, there will be soon. With sites like RES.NET (not RES.NET though) I have been successful in calling and asking if they would honor a discount code and in return I would join right then.(important to join right then for them to say yes). My belief is that the ask price is $700 and the  "real price" is $500 year--discount codes and the like motivate us to Best to you...If I hear of any new discounts, I will follow up with you. Byron B

Rose and Byron thank you so much.  My representative called me back yesterday when I did not renew my professional membership and he gave me a discount to sign up again.  So I thank you both. 

Does anyone have any updated Promo or Referral Code for the Professional Verson??

I need to renew my premium AMP membership with RES.NET .  Does anyone have a referral / promo code for a discount off the $700 yearly fee?
Please advise, thanks.  I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to get a discount.  Have a great day and look forward to hearing back from you.

Just give them a call they will give you a discount. 

I was told by a sales rep when I called "there hasn't been any discount codes" since March,2014???

did you find one.  I've been looking as well.



No and mine expires tomorrow. Contacted my asset mgr and he told me they didn't have a discount code to pass on to their agents. Res.Net always tells you how wonderful they are and how much they have to offer. Expense reports, being able to access past monthly reports and bpo's (I save mine before submitting) and of course their so called certifications ??? I have one due to go pending today, one listing and 3 pre listings. I will be locked out as of midnight tonight!!! If you make any negative comments on their FB site they delete them. It's $700 now or the listings will be moved to another agent. Res Net is not an asset co.however due to an agreement they have with asset co's using Res.Net they will only use agents PAYING for the highest membership???! This I have via email from a sales rep from last year while arguing over the black mail they use to force agents to bite the bullet. You always receive 1-2 new properties right before your membership expires through one of the co's you're working with , then most times nothing for months. 

Thank you.  I agree with everything you have written.  What a shame.  ResNet use to be a good place to be, no so now.  Let me know if you go down to the wire and they change their mind?  




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