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Has anyone used and been successful ?? I just signed up with them and paid for the plus membership and i'm a little nervous about if they will pan out..I don't expect the floodgate to open and be inundated with listings but I would like to see some activity...Can anyone share some insight on what your experience has been with them?


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WHY are you paying for business, get out farm some areas it will cost you a fraction of what you paid them.  Agents are getting lazy don't want to work like we "old timers" do 

I signed up with RESNET last year in November and I just recently got my first BPO. What is the probability of me getting this listing? I am in South Florida and the property is located off the Florida Keys in a community that has their own MLS aside from the Florida Keys MLS and Miami MLS. Completing this task has not been an easy one.

On the resnet website do a search around your city for listings to get an idea of the volume. Usually when I get ready to not auto renew the $700 I get a listing from one of the various asset managers that use the resnet platform. San Joaquin county is down to a handful on a yearly basis as our foreclosure crisis ended in 2010. If you're a white male, sole proprietor ( like me) that can't meet the two page list of criteria to be a freddie or fannie listing broker, than resnet is still a good source.


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