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Hello - Glad to be a part of the group and thanks for having me. I received a call from yesterday "just letting me know" that they signed on a lot of new clients and because I was a past member they were offering me a discount of just $490/yr. I said that the last time I signed back up with the promise of new accounts I paid $700 and got nothing. I then asked if I could get a list of the "new companies" so I could review it and make my decision if I wanted to throw out another $500 for a hope and dream. The lady from said she could not email me a list but she give me the following companies as "new to" - Ditech (??), Carrington, NRes (??), Zoom, Green River and NationStar. Can anyone shed any light on if they think the sign up is worth it and what other companies are actually using it? I have been in REO for 8 years, have had a few clients here and there that used it but I had decided to let a few of those companies go over the past few years and have not had a need for I appreciate the input. Thanks!

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I agree that it probably depends on your location. I began with them in 2007 and had great success through 2012, when they lost most of their clients and became greedy with agent fees.  I continued with USRES for a while but after confirming with several of their AMs that the had a quota on assignments and counted assignments going back several years (!), it was obvious that I would no longer be getting listings.  Since Kondaur works with them and I'm a preferred agent, I've asked the Asset Managers if I need to sign up with The Kondaur AMs have advised me not to bother unless the properties that I babysit actually go to listing - so it's been a couple of years.  I agree with previous comments - unless your area has a number of foreclosures it is probably not worth it.  Nationstar - are you kidding! They will pull your listing and assign it to auction in a heartbeat.

I agree with the two responses - if you are not in an area that has a lot of foreclosures it is not worth joining and paying the $700.  I renewed with Res.Net a couple of months ago and have gotten three assignments already.  They are from two different asset companies. 


Most all of the banks/servicers/assset management companies use various REO portals such as, Equator, iAgent, Dispo/Exceleras, Pyramid, Reoconnex, VMS Altisource.

Most all the banks/servicers/assset management companies have internal vendor managers that create an approved vendor list, unless they lack an agent in a specific zip code and need to add a new one, they always draw from their approved vendor list.

If you're not on the approved vendor list for the REO source, it doesn't matter if you are on the portal.

Don't waste your money. Set up your profile on the and work at getting on some approved vendor lists.

Hello Michael,

REOnetwork charges as well.  Is it worth paying their fee?

Thank you,


Here's a new one.  I went for Res.Net Pro Plus last year, after not being a paying agent for several years and I did get 1 REO property.  

My RES.NET auto renewal was today but my credit card in their system was expired so I thought, I will go for a discount or not renew. 

I called on Monday and they said no discounts, and to call back of Friday to see if any were available. (the day of renewal).

I called this morning and walla, they charged my expired card this morning at 2 AM!! 

After speaking with customer service, they said they will reverse the charges.  OMG.  I did not think you could charge an expired card!

I used to really like RES,NET back in the day when they were reasonable and their platform is easy to use, but $700 and charging an expired credit card is inexcusable!

Waste of money.  I got the same spiel and never got one call.  Now they are offering banner advertising... Ha. Save your money.

I've paid 3 times to RES-NET and NEVER AGAIN!  These companies are ripping off real estate agents by charging fees with no guarantees.  They've become powerless advertising agencies rather than REO and BPO servicing platforms.  We all need to start complaining about these practices!

Why would you pay then all that money and get nothing?  We should not have to pay these companies to do their work for so little; let them hire an appraiser!

As you know, resnet is a platform that many asset companies use. I wouldn't pay until I had a listing assignment.  Apply directly to as many asset companies as you can and sign up for free directories. 

I've been a member for over 10 years or since the beginning of resnet.  I currently have listings from 5 different companies on resnet. 2 are new companies I've never worked with before. 2 are companies I worked with before they started using resnet. 

When I started doing REO, every company had their own "system ".  It was horrible. Resnet simplified a lot of things.

I too would and have dropped such memberships when they didn't pay off. In some instances, I have been offered discounts or a free year when I explained that they wasted my money. 

FYI they told you a bit of a fib Nationstar has their own platform for assigning REO properties and it is called Cascade.

To my knowledge they have no plans to use Res.Net.  I used to have Res.Net but I believe it is a waste of funds.

I've been getting the same calls.  The companies she mentioned have been with for years.  Last time they called, they said there were 30 listings in my area.  Doing a keyword search in our mls, I found one.  Just say no!

You can search for the resnet listings directly on resnet which many buyers do. 


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