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I am getting my automatic renewel notice from RESNET telling my $700 annual fee is coming up and it will automatically be renewed. I do not remember doing anything with RESNET in the past year or longer and was just wondering if anyoe thinks it is worth the $700

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I have never gotten anything for my $700 as well.

I think Res.Net is only worth it if you already have contacts with any of the clients that use it.  I wouldn't say that it is worth paying the $700 to try to get business without having something in place already.

I have been with resnet for some time as I have been doing this for 30 years but I am not really sure who even is with RESNET any more as far as companies. So many companies have gone out of business, others have switched to other sites. Same with Equator. The companies I have worked with n Equator have gone to other sites or gone out of business.

I've got a account and I don't mind the fee as one sale a year pays for it (with plenty left over). There are many smaller asset management companies that use it. I don't do nearly the business that I used to with it, but it's still usable for me. Honestly, my broker usually has 10-15 listings active in at a time... so its a no-brainer for him. 

Really and truthfully, it's your call. If you're not getting the listings, it might be time to free up that expense. That $700 could buy you a rather nice post card campaign.

Put your $0.7K under your mattress it will become handy when needed. 

I am thinking you are right. I get enough business without RESNET.

I was really active until about October with RESNET, I had at least 10 properties either active or in prelist status. Now I have nothing..... I am getting other listings with clients who do not use RESNET but I am slower overall with listings.  I have never gotten anything with the Banner Add so when I get solicited again in March I think I will pass on the Banner Add. I will still pay the $700 fee when it comes due but if I get nothing during that time frame then the following year I may not renew the premium plan.

i was with Resnet for several years.  I would only get maybe 1 house per year with a reduction in commission, a $150 tech fee so it it not worth it.  The last condo I had was $40,000 so do the math.  Also, the bank I was with were a slow pay, by 6 months, making excuses for the late payments and also charging $5.00 per invoice.  

Not unless you are in the REO market. I am a premium agent and pay $900. I get 6 to 12 REO's every year.

$900, did they just up the price? I thought it was only $700, that Is what they charged me the last time.

You probably think about another web site.  Res.Net is $700

I was wondering the same thing. I quit then just rejoined with Equator since a new client requires me to be on there. You can always join if a client requests it. That is what I plan to do when my annual renewal comes up for I think. It is cheap though compared to Dspros, etc. I am getting a lot of connections from REO network, but mostly BPOs for now. Hopefully, it will turn into something more. No fee for REO network. So maybe the $900 paid to be a premium agent makes a difference? Or most likely, it depends on the number of REOs in your area and who the REO owners are in each market as to whether or not it pays. Live and learn I guess. 


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