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I am getting my automatic renewel notice from RESNET telling my $700 annual fee is coming up and it will automatically be renewed. I do not remember doing anything with RESNET in the past year or longer and was just wondering if anyoe thinks it is worth the $700

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I am in SE Florida so I guess it really depends on the market you are in how much business you get from resnet

I've had good success with I live in a rural area.  Equator not so much.  

Just another way for a platform company to get into your pocket book.  It is not worth it if you get a couple BPO's a year.  To many other viable platforms the REO companies are using these days.

Res.Net doesn't assign listings, it's only an online portal for managing REO's. You MUST be approved with the banks that have the REO inventory in order to get REO listings that are managed on Res.Net. The same goes for iAgent, Dispo, Equator, etc. You have to be on the banks approved agent list before you can get REO listings on the portals.


I get listings from servicer and i'm not on their preferred list. Lot of these servicers are 3rd party and they always look who is the closest to proximity to the property. You may be right for the banks. I'm in CA and its worth paying $700/year because where I live the avg price of the homes are $300k.

Well I am finally getting BPO solicitations on pretty nice properties. Before that, I never heard anything from them. I hope I get a listing. Figured I should at least do one to get in the system. So time consuming though...... Don't want to do BPOs for the sake of doing BPOs. 


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