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I have received work from a different AM company that then linked me to

So many of the companies SunTrust being one of them say they are directly hooked with and you have to go there to work for them, has anyone out there received any work from 

I am tempted to pay the fee's but want to know if its worth it.

I know one company that receives work from but its a small burg town and she's most

likely the only one signed up.  She has received 2 deals.


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I have.  Just this year I have finally started receiving work.  I have had about 6 listings from and it is growing now that I have more experience listed on

Breaking into REO is not easy.

Generating new business in REO is almost as difficult.

As a broker with 16+ years of REO experience, has been my biggest source of new REO business over the last 2 years.

Even with long odds, like the lottery, your chances greatly improve on winning if you buy a ticket.


Matt Peters   CRS, ABR, CDPE, ePRO, GRI, A-REO
Member REO Network, NRBA and NAHREP
Serving Central New Mexico since 1989
Albuquerque, NM is a transaction management site that some REO vendors use so they don't have to develop their own systems.  It's functional and pretty easy to use.  If you're signed up with the right vendors, they also send some BPO assignments through it.  I'm in my 3rd year using it.  I've paid $250/yr to access it but think it may now be free for the base access.  They ( offer an upgraded system (AMP) that to date I have not signed up for nor have any plans to utilize.  The REO vendors don't require it and you don't need it to do any REO that a vendor assigns to you.  Spend your dollars wisely.  I paid $$$$$ to be in the RED BOOK from 5-star institute and haven't receieved 1 job from it.  Be careful when you get pumped by these vendors to buy into their upgraded, best exposure programs.  If the REO vendor can tell you they found you that way, great.  Otherwise, keep your money.     
I have been on res because of other companies that use them but have not received any work directly from them, are you on the upgraded platform?
No I don't want to pay 700.00 

I joined RES.NET last year because ONE WEST bank my REO listing provider started using it. I paid $300 for the yearly membership but I strictly received only ONE WEST assignments. (few last year and none this year). In my opinion, all depends in which geographic area you are working. I am in Southern California. I did NOT receive any assignments from any other AM company that are using RES.NET to select their REO agents.

I have 2 deals with them right now.  I just upgraded my membership to Professional status. 
As a OWB preferred agent it was required to sign up on to continue listing their assets.  I have only receive properties from them.   Not sure that anything else will come of it, but it would be nice. I have listed my zips and put in a small amount of info about myself, but not much aside from that.
I paid for the upgrade(AMP) and it has not help me at all this year. I do have my original lender who send me assignments so I'm going to stick with the basic plan($250) next time.
I recevie most of my business through RESNET.  This year I decided to pump additional money into RESNET by purchasing their banner ads and becoming an AMP PRO>  That decision unfortunately has not garnered me one additional new client.  Keep your money in your pocket.
Thank you your answer was very helpful. I am a member on so I am correct in that if I receive work from an AM that needs me on my just being on there will be all thats needed.  Thank you again.  Have a great weekend.

I have received more than 40 listings at least thru RES NET in the last 12 months. I did sign up for the AMP member and I believe it is worth the money.





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