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I have received work from a different AM company that then linked me to

So many of the companies SunTrust being one of them say they are directly hooked with and you have to go there to work for them, has anyone out there received any work from 

I am tempted to pay the fee's but want to know if its worth it.

I know one company that receives work from but its a small burg town and she's most

likely the only one signed up.  She has received 2 deals.


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Have you asked the AM's if they found you/assigned you by finding your profile on ResNet?
Did you receive the listings directly thur or companies that uses platform. 
Companies that use the RES NET platform
I signed up first with USRES to do bpos(free) and after about 6 months, I rec'd my first property listing from them which utilized Res.Net. This is my 3rd year with them and have come in contract with another AM thru them. In all I have rec'd about 8 listings but I only renewed on the $300. plan not the $700 professiional.
I am signed up with and have paid the fee plus purchased banner ads. To date, I have only received 2 BPOS. But I have been told by lenders that is where they find their agents.
I have been with ResNet for 3 years now. The work I recieve does not come from ResNet although the work I recieve come from Asset managers for differant banks. But they look for me on ResNet before they send me the work. ResNet is the system they us to communicate with all party's. I believe it is worth it to join and take there certificate course. Lets the Asset managers know you understand the system. Good Luck
I use Res.Net and I have done quite a bit of business with them.  Right now I don't think that there are a lot of REO assignments going out (at least in my area) no matter what system you are on.  However, I love Res.Net!
I have been signed up with for a few years now and would recommend you signing up. I have received assets from companies who have said they found me through Just sign up for the basic service though, the additional fees for amp professional are not necessary. Watch your dollars out there, too many of these companies are just chasing your money into their pockets with no return to you.
Banner ads dont seem to be such a great deal I counted 41 agents on the page they showed as an example of that 2 had active listings one had 3 and one had 1;  a total of 11 of the 41 had closed a transaction with them before ranged from 1 to 34 solds per person. Doesnt seem to be good odds 2 with listings out of 41. Hmmm 41 at $700 bucks thats  $28700 for just the  upgraded and they want to sell you a banner ad to cut in front of everyone else. I think I will pass on the upgrade and the banner. I wonder if we should call Rob Buckel  and ask him if he closed 23 with them or Sam Othman if he closed 34 as the page states.


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