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I  need to sign up for the premium membership. Just wondering how much the discount is if you have a code and what the code. Any help is appericated.

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I'm also looking for a code. Let me know if you have any luck.
Don't know codeif you get it please let me. Know
I hear this discount code is available at the booth at this weeks five star conference. Is there anyone there that could pick it up for us? We would all appreciate it.


hit like on facebook and you get a discount on AMP

hit like on FB or become their friend it shares the code then. 

Save 10% - code is HOLIDAY10

ANyone know of any valid codes for Res.Net membership discount. I need to renew.
I'm looking for a RES.NET AMP promo code as well to renew.

To help you on your way with your new AMP Professional Membership, we are offering you an exclusive 15% off the membership fee if you upgrade by Friday, July 29th. Simply enter in promo code UPGRADE15 at registration.


This appears to be for upgrades only.  If you are renewing and it works let us know.

I am looking for any discount codes for the Premium subscription. I can find them for the Professional subscription, but not Premium.


PROFESSIONAL ONLY- Per email today.

"NRT REOExperts has negotiated a 15% discount on this membership option for their Agents.  This incentive will expire on 7/29/11.   Please use discount code “NRT15.”  Signing up for the AMP Professional Level Membership will not get you additional listings from NRT REOExperts"

Lon & Don, If you are renewing, what is your take on the last year.  Did you get listings as a result of paying membership?  Lee
I am renewing too. Went to facebook, did not see RES.NET facebook page to like. Need help with discount code. Thanks!


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