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I  need to sign up for the premium membership. Just wondering how much the discount is if you have a code and what the code. Any help is appericated.

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Jenie,,,Most or should I say all companies require BPO orders to be completed by the agent or Broker who actually went to the property, viewed and took pictures of the property,,for you to be completing BPO's and pulling comps is a real problem,,,to me and for most associates..are you even Licensed? And how are you getting paid? So what companies are you doing BPO's for? What agents are you doing BPO's for? I do tons of BPO orders each month,,I do all the work,,drive to the properties,,take photos,,pull data,,input orders. I do not feel its right for you to be doing orders for unscrupulous agents,,,or posting on this site claiming to do BPO orders for any of us,,You are doing a disservice to this industry,,,How well do you know the communities and properties that you are valuing? or Are you just pushing out orders with comps that are not really valuing the properties...I don't know about any other agents here reading this but I know there are many more like you out there,,doing the same thing,,and I for one am very very....well Pissed off,,,sorry but that's how I feel! I'm going to be looking more into this,,,as should every agent who reads this...we have a duty and bound by Articles of Ethics and standards by which most of us work by.

Does anyone have any updated Promo or Referral Code for the Professional Verson??

I am also looking for the code

bumping. Any discount codes?

I need to renew my premium AMP membership with RES.NET .  Does anyone have a referral / promo code for a discount off the $700 yearly fee?
Please advise, thanks.  I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to get a discount.  Have a great day and look forward to hearing back from you.

How many AMP rewards points do you have accumulated?  You can use these points as credit towards your membership. Check your profile.

647 AMP reward points, how do you use them?

You would need 2,870 Points for a 20% discount. Sorry.

Damn, how do you get that many points?  I have been signed up with AMP for several years, pay for banner ads in 6-7 zip codes yearly, close around 34 ish deals a year and have done all the training and still only have 647 AMP reward points (never used any....).

I had to call in and get the points added to my account,,I was like you had many years,,,so when I got the credit  my points shot up,,,give them a call.

I too need this years dicount/promo code.  If anyone has one & would be willing to send it to me.  The rep called me but I was on the road but he never called me back.

Give them a call.  Depending on your past memberships, they will offer some type of discount for you.

Here is the # for their sales 800-760-7036


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