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I  need to sign up for the premium membership. Just wondering how much the discount is if you have a code and what the code. Any help is appericated.

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Any discount codes for AMP Premium level membership?
Halloween Promo Code is 30% off, end Oct 31 2011.  Use code Pro30
I tried clicking the like button under their Facebook page but I didn't get a discount code. Do anyone else know how I can get the discount code?

The Code "AMPJA15"  Is working for Professional,  Usually $700, then $595 after discount.

Not finding anything that works for Premium, Usually $300.

Anyone have a current promo code to upgrade to a professional level membership. Thanks in advance.

Does any one have a current PROMO CODE for RES.NET for Pro Plus Membership? Thanks so much!

I am looking to Renew, Any Discounts codes?

I never found a code..but did call them direct and asked for a discount..I did get $100 break..every little bit helped

Any huge discounts this year?

Does anyone have a promo code or referral code on the Pro Plus membership for RES.NET?

Just call before u pay- they will supply whatever discount is avail. at the time.... the current one is like 150.00 off.... ( I just pd)... again.........

You've got to be kidding.


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