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RRReview BPO company to work for has changed their system.....

Just thought I'd share some info....

RRReview has been a great company to work for, for me. But, they recently changed their system..

They use to directly assign you the bpo which was great.

Now, they have gone to the blast system...
they send the email blast to all the agents in that zip code first come first to get it...

Not sure how well that will work for me .....we shall see...

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I prefer the older method of email to accept jobs - Less stress. Blasting is tough to get if you have too many agents in an area clicking away. They can get agents who don't do good work. I had done work for them, and they did told me one time my BPO work was pretty good. I believe there are too many agents in my area. So I probably won't be getting jobs from them for a while.
ohhhh. Thats why they have been blowing up my email. We will see how that works.
companies switching to blast system... well it looks like I will have to consider an appropriate response, like auto-accept software.... I guess the blast system works for the vendors as they get the orders accepted more quickly.
I've missed a few since they started the blast system, but did manage to get one. They usually do early morning emails and you can accept the order now direct from your email, but those with the auto software are going to get the bulk of the orders.

The will still directly assign the order if it is not picked up at the discount fee through blast.  I still get several many which were due to be assigned some time ago.  I also believe some of the orders I get have been assigned but work was never done.  They know my fee and assign the orders when they need the work done.  They do pay without problems.


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