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Anyone have a difficult time with their allotted perimeters for BPOs? I'm having a really tough time because I've done exterior ones for areas that are rural for the most part but then I'll get "according to Google maps..." and they will come back and say it's a suburb, which only allows me to find comps within a 1 mile radius. They're also strict with their age range (no more than 5 years younger/older), as well as just about anything else. While I appreciate the volume of BPOs I get from them, I've gotten stuck and made a few phone calls to them (outsourced employees, and some language barrier issues) to try to get this straightened out because I feel like I have nothing to work with a lot of the time. Sold comps I can find with the skin off my teeth but listed comps are even harder to come by in these cases.

Anyone else have issues with RRReview's tight perimeters? I find they're not as flexible/understanding as other BPO companies I work with. Also, what is their pay schedule, and do they pay on time, etc.? I tried to ask someone and they told me to send an email... which again, no response.

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They pay regularly. I have had some issues with comps as well. 

RRReview is awesome. I also live and do a lot of work in a rural area and I have no issue putting this in the report and getting it accepted. They also pay very quickly usually 30 days or so. 

Matt, I can see how RRReview would be awesome if you're doing a lot of work in a rural area like you are. They have way more flexibility with proximity on those properties. I on the other hand am having the hardest time with them with the suburbs. Well, more like areas that for the most part really are rural but they're coming back and telling me that isn't the case. I have done comps that are in urban areas and in rural areas and those orders have been approved with no issues. The suburbs on the other hand are proving to be a nightmare to deal with, because (at least where I live), the inventory just isn't there within that 1 mile radius they seem to only allow.

Darlene, how regularly? Is it like once a month or every couple of weeks or so? Is payment mailed out? I'm glad you're not the only one who had issues with comps as well. I've been given the run-around because the areas I'm doing a lot of my comps in are more rural than suburban but they consider them suburban, even though there isn't a major city around within 45 minutes to an hour. I finally got one of them to let me expand my search to a 2-mile radius. I'm hoping that helps. Thanks for your insight.

I have done BPOs for RRReview for several years now and I never have any issues with distances. I explain why I had to use the distances I do and I rarely have any returned and I get paid within 2-weeks. 

Interesting. I find that if I do BPOs for them in an urban area and in a rural area my BPOs are fine and accepted. Though the subarbs are where I have the most trouble. I think a lot of it could be who is checking them too because I always have an explanation as to why I had to use the distances I did (and thoroughly) and it's like it has fallen on deaf ears a few times. I did finally have one subarb one turn out okay recently, and that was because I was just finding out how tight their perimeters are and I was lucky that it was a newer construction home and there's a ton of new/newer construction in the area. That said, good to know they pay regularly and within two weeks. 


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