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Have any of you had any luck with getting listings from SAM/SLS? I have done a large volume of BPOs for them and am wondering if there are any other brokers that have gotten listings from them.

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Same here... Ive done around 50 BPO's in the last year and not a single listing...

SAM is currently my biggest REO provider. BTW, they just changed their name to Computershare. Generally, they don't repair the properties prior to marketing. In my market, they will sell primarily by rehab loan. They reimburse directly from their property, usually within 4-5 weeks.

Greg, how do you signup with Computershare. I have been all over their site and I can't the BPO/REO signup process. Is it the same as other companies?

I receive at least 1 listing per month from them. My first listing with them came from a reassignment and I've been listing with them since. They now require a background check. As mentioned earlier their new name is Computershare. Good to work with. You will need to sign up with Resnet in order to receive listings from them.

I have four listings with them.

They seem OK.  

I have an REO account but its to difficult to get the properties in

I have just recently signed up for SAM/SLS BPOs. When do they typically send out checks for BPO payments? Do they do direct deposit? Doesn't seem to be much info on their site.

Kevin, checks come weekly, 4 weeks after completion. I get mine regularly every Friday.

Thanks for the info Greg, should be getting my first one soon then!

I have sold several for them over the last few years.  I have not received anything in the last 3 months from anyone.  I attended the REO conference,  in Dallas,  in September.  Looks to me like they are all going to be sold by auction in the near future, cutting out the listing agents.

Great information-thanks for sharing this!!   I almost signed up today for the Pro Agent Plan.   I will now hold off to see what happens over the next couple of months.   

there reo division is a differant part of there company , then the BPO side


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