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Have any of you had any luck with getting listings from SAM/SLS? I have done a large volume of BPOs for them and am wondering if there are any other brokers that have gotten listings from them.

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Has the $75 sign up fee paid off?  

Yes! Got paid $90 on the first BPO I did for them. 

SAM Reo is one of my favorite REO companies to work with. The AMs reply promptly, the task system via is easy to understand, it's nice to be able to submit expenses on, they reimburse promptly. They do a great job IMHO.

I have had few listings  as well, but I was wondering whether they picked up new client or current client just got more service rights as I just got a re assignment last week. At the same time, One of my listings is about to go on service release which means I will be losing it.  . Definitely, it is a good company to work with.

I'm in the process of signing up with SAM. Which banks use them?

Being registered with them for BPOs is not the same as for their listing department it is another process and costs $75 which is refunded to you if they do not have a need for you in your area.

They also have been bought up by another company in case you were unaware

I registered with Computershare and, I'm getting a lot of BPO from Computershare in my area but no luck with the listing with Specialized Loan Servicing is the and Computershare client. How can I contact Specialized Loan Servicing to let them know that I'm a Certified Pro Plus Agent for and doing BPO for computershare? Do I have to apply with SAM? If that is the case what is their website? 

I was looking through my e-mails and this is what I found:

Computershare (Formerly Specialized Asset Management, “SAM”), a recognized national provider of real estate valuation and REO services to the mortgage industry, is in the process of updating our national broker panel and registration process and is actively accepting new broker registrations in all states. 

Computershare has partnered with ClearValue Consulting to utilize their vendor registration platform known as CONNECT!  CONNECT!

With SAM there was a $75.00 fee, and with computershare there is no fee. 


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