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Does anyone have any experience working with Selene Finance?  How are they for expense reimbursements?  How are they to work with?

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How do I apply as a Broker with Selene?  I couldn't find anything on their website and no link in Pyramid.  

thank you!

Top right corner on pyramid platform says broker registration

I love working with Selene!  I have a couple of really good asset managers that have been assigning me properties.  The down side is that we carry more of the expenses but for the most part they are really easy to work with, once you get the hang of their system and have things done quickly and on time you'll get assets...

I get a lot of listings from Selene. They are great to work with. Reimbursement is 7-10 days.

I did work for them in the past. It been about 2 years ago. I received 2 listings.  They paid on time when I did work for them. I would work for them again.

I have worked for Selene for about three years.   I don't get many REOs from them, but when I do they are great to work with.  They are quick to list the properties and reimbursement is in a reasonable time frame.  I have never had an issue with them.


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