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Can I get some feedback on Service Link?  Just did the background check even though I have been working with them off and on for a few years. 


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I have worked for them consistently and they pay on time with direct deposit.  New name, ServiceLink Black Knight. I believe they were bought out.  Access is through

They do pay on time. What you said Elaine is true

It is one of the largest valuation and title technology. The Fidelity, LSI, Black Knight, Elendersolutions now is a bigger player.

They have valuation, appraiser and at one time a REO dept.  The REO dept is gone. As for workload, it is picking up. You only pick the ones close to you and gave other agents a chance.

Good company to work for they are a part of LSI, pay on time.  I did the background check , many BPO companies are requiring that now which is a good thing.

I'm a Reo agent a started to work with ServiceLink about a year ago, my Reo volume increase since I only work in reo's.

I do get my reimbursements within 30 days or sooner, a very good company to work for with proven track record.            


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