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Glad I checked this board.  I've been receiving e-mails from them.

I have the certification....all three, signed 2 months later....nothing.


Don't waste your money!  I took this course more than four years ago.  Finished the course and soon later I got a notice for a $99 monthly charge.  ....that was years ago...I did not do it .  Shortsales are plentiful - spend your money on is the most recognized in the field.

  As for Servicelink-Assetlink- Partner First...whatever they might call best advice is if you work for them make sure your Business Liablity is up to date!.  I am presently defending a nonsense claim for Saxon/Bank of New York -  reason...instead of them defending...they used a NYServicelink  title attorney to represent them and when it got more than they could handle...they dragged me into the mess.  My attorney is defending for all of them... this is something...that no agent should be involved in.   My opinion of this company is they will throw you under the bus!!!  RUN!!!!


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