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Thanks Mike
Thank you Mike!
Thanks Mike, did you had any lack with them? any assignments, I've spoke with Jonathan from SL and he said that thee have BPOs only no REOs.
No, just ran across this link today, they are supposed to send out an email with more info in a few weeks.

I put a signup for bpo's under separate.
I also signed up and they are supposed to send a email with more info in a few weeks. I would say they will have more info in march on this...
ok, looked in it...but wow, $399 short sale course on approved agents, then another $49 bucks a month...My credit cards are maxed and I just bought a property in costa rica...but I got a bridge to sell, anyone want it? /end rant
Ok, so now we know what they are supposed to let us know via email, in a few weeks.

That's what great about this site, there's always someone with the inside skinny on these
Thanks Johnny.
Where did you find this information about the course and monthly fees?
You have to ask Johnny about this, he was the source of this information....
This my be a silly question, but what is a DRE license? They ask for this on the application.
Department/Division of Real Estate


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